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PickrPres.com Makes “Super Tuesday” Easier to Navigate

A number of states are holding presidential primary elections today, hence the nickname “Super Tuesday.”  With the help of a provider on Elance, Chris Siglin, a music industry veteran, found a unique and powerful way to impact the political process.

Instead of getting in his way, we’ll let Chris tell the story:

“I originally got started in the music business.  When I was sixteen, I promoted bands, concerts, and events.  I quickly shifted into designing and selling band merchandise, and I hooked up with Blink-182 and handled their merchandise and licensing until the band split up.  Last year Mark Hoppus (ex- Blink-182, now in Plus 44) and I were talking, and we wished there was a way kids could have input into a band’s concert set list.  For years kids have called into radio and video shows to request songs – why not find a way they could help shape a live concert?  So we launched PickRSet.com.  It creates a way for bands to connect with fans.”

“Then a friend suggested we do something similar for politics.  Plus many candidates rely on musicians for endorsements, so there’s a natural cross-over.  But we wanted to be non-partisan, with no agenda, so we created a back-end engine for PickRPres.com that lets people decide who to support for President of the United States based on the candidate’s actual positions and viewpoints.”

Recently Chris “fell in love with all aspects of Facebook,” especially the open community and customizable platform.  He wanted to develop a Facebook application to allow users to invite friends, discover political candidates, and capture RSS feeds.  “The programmers I knew didn’t have Facebook application experience,” says Chris, “so I found an Elance provider, FacebookGuru, to help us out.  He’s responsive and is quick to make positive suggestions.  Now he’s working on a Facebook application for PickRSet and PickRPres.”

Chris has toured the world with the bands he’s worked with, so he feels those experiences made it easier for him to embrace the concept of virtual networking for politics.  That collaboration is paying off:  PickRPres.com boasts 10,000 unique visitors a day and the numbers continue to rise.

“If you want to read more about a candidate, we want you to hear it straight from them,” says Chris.  “We don’t try to influence anyone.  Our text and articles come directly from the candidate’s websites and blogs, and the videos on our site come straight from YouTube.  Our goal is to help people make their own political decisions.”


It is so great to see people like you, Chris, find a niche, and a need in a given market and to do something with it. I love to hear stories of those who use their creativity and make things happen. Thanks for your inspiration, Melanie--kidsandpetsfurniture.com