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A WordPress Development Framework Makes Themes Easy

WordPress isn’t one of the most popular skills on Elance for no reason—the Content Management System (CMS) offers an amazingly healthy set of features, five-minute installation, open-source customization, themes, and more all for no cost. Awesome, right?

However, reaching the maximum potential that WordPress has to offer is often times one of those things that is easier said than done, and creating a theme or layout from scratch that takes advantage of everything it has to offer can be a nightmare to even begin to think about.

Instead of building from scratch, why not find one you like and give it a little bit of a tweak? Or even a heavy makeover if necessary? This is where a WordPress development framework comes in handy. Paul Andrew over at Smashing Magazine wrote up a great post outlining these frameworks and why they should always be considered, especially if you’re a WordPress theme developer.

From Smashing Magazine: If you build and develop Wordpress themes often, you will probably be fed up of all the repetitive code writing, the constantly checking of your mark-up and all you really want to do is focus on the design and the project-specific features. The answer is a Wordpress development framework. A framework is designed to speed up the process of designing and coding a Wordpress theme by minimizing your time, and balancing your patience, on Wordpress’ back-end code that is repeated within every theme.

Paul lined up 10 different frameworks (with examples, of course), including Thematic, WP Framework, Buffet Theme Framework, and more, and also outlines the pros and cons associated with each. My personal favorite, Carrington, offers a huge (and I mean huge) number of features in a relatively easy-to-use package.

And there’s tens of thousands of free and open source WordPress themes scattered all over the web—you could literally spend days just window shopping, but if you or your client needs a theme created right now with a specific style and set of features, trying one of these WordPress frameworks is probably a good idea, and this Smashing Magazine article would be a perfect place to start.

Have any of you WordPress users, developers, or enthusiasts tried using one of these frameworks? What is your experience with these? Leave us your insights in the comments below. And if WordPress isn't your bag, check out these other alternative blogging platforms.

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