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Elance Online Work Index: Holy Joomla!

The content management system (CMS) has been riding high on a tidal wave of momentum on the Elance Online Work Index, and now it's enjoying the spotlight with others big players in the top 10. Joomla! is also one of the few skills on the index that has risen in position every single month since the inception of the Elance Online Work Index and also ties the mighty WordPress for the highest ranking any CMS has ever reached. Holy Joomla!, indeed!

For those of you puzzled over what the heck a Joomla! is (don’t you dare forget the exclamation point), here’s the short version: Joomla! is an open-source, easy-to-use, modular content management system for publishing a variety of forms of content and applications on the web.

In addition, the core Joomla! software package also allows for modular installations of “Plugins”, “Components”, and “Modules”, which extend the feature set to fit your exact needs. Sound complicated? It really isn’t at all. Say you want to add a calendar to your web page. Yes, there’s a Module for that. Install it, and boom, you’re done. Easy peasy.

The calendar Module is just one of thousands of freely available extensions for you to use, and that means a huge amount of different functionality that can be slapped on to your website in a cinch. Don’t forget: Since Joomla! is open source, you’re freely able to view and modify the source code and create your own extensions to further customize your site to your specific needs.

Now comes the fun part. Although Joomla! hasn’t hit popularity levels like WordPress, there’s a thriving community as well as a healthy number of websites that use the open-source CMS in a variety of ways. For example:

IHOP: The International House Of Pancakes uses Joomla! in a straightforward fashion – view the full menu, find locations, get company information, read news and investor info – the standard rundown of a static corporate website. Simple, informational, and elegant.

Outdoor Photographer: The photography-related online magazine takes advantage of Joomla!’s feature set by adding a blog, forums, galleries, contact forms, and more. As you can probably tell, there’s a lot more going on here than IHOP’s website – try your eye and guess what kinds of extensions are implemented on Outdoor Photographer.

Innovative Baby: Not quite as popular as the previously mentioned sites, but Innovative Baby is worth mentioning due to its eCommerce capabilities. You get the usual web store amenities here – search, thumbnails, product pages – check, check, and check. Interestingly, Innovative Baby also has set up a community section for their users to interact with each other to talk all things baby. Although it is a little thin at this point, it shows that you can easily add community building features to your website if needed.

Intrigued yet? Find out more information and check out more real-world examples over at the Joomla! website. By the way, if Joomla! doesn’t float your boat, check out our round up of the most popular content management systems out there, including WordPress, Drupal, Expression Engine, and more. And if you spot any excellent uses of Joomla!, fire away in the comments below.

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