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IT Managers: Welcome To The New Way To Get Work Done

As the pool of skilled contractors, free-agent professionals, and Cloud Commuters continues to grow, more and more hiring managers in businesses both large and small are adopting the use of contract-based professionals for jobs of any size. This is the new way to get work done.

Many managers and companies, especially in the IT field, have already started taking advantage of this immediate, cost-effective, and flexible way to get the work they need done fast. The following three examples are just a few of the tens of thousands of managers reaping the benefits of a 96,000-person workforce ready and waiting to work.

Tim Nicholson, IT Manager For Knight Protective Services

Knight Protective Services, a 2,000-person firm that provides contract security officers and security solutions to the federal government and various commercial organizations, was in need of professional website that could elevate the brand’s public awareness to the next level. Tim Nicholson, a representative of Knight Protective Services, was tasked to develop the site. He turned to Elance to hire skilled web development experts to get his website, www.knightprotectiveservice.com, done fast.

“Hiring online is how I can access the talent I need, when I need it. All the tools are there to find, evaluate, and hire a great person no matter where they are,” said Tim Nicholson. “I love Elance because it helps facilitate the entire process of working online. At any time, I can track the status of the work, and with Escrow, release payment when satisfied with the work received. With these tools, I feel more confident hiring someone on Elance than hiring someone in person.”

Danny Guillory, CEO Of Innovations International

Danny Guillory is the CEO of Innovations International, a corporate training firm that prides itself on building the right team for each project and on being able to handle any work that the client needs, and they are able to do this through on-demand staffing through Elance. From perfecting presentations to writing marketing collateral, Elance provides the quick access to talent they need to keep their operation running smoothly.

Danny and Innovations International has used Elance in a number of ways to supplement their company. Here are two examples of how they’ve tapped into the huge pool of skilled providers recently:

Branding Project For Diversity Within The Workplace: Danny didn’t have the full-time staff to take advantage of this opportunity, but he found the right people on Elance and was able to get this critical task completed. The elancer worked through the weekend to complete the job under the tight deadline, and Danny had drafts for his clients waiting in his inbox on Monday Morning.

Customer Outreach Surveys: Danny also found someone on Elance that specialized in email communications. His provider contacted a sample of his customer base via email to encourage them to take several surveys for vital company feedback. The elancer turned this project around quickly, professionally, and cost effectively.

Josh Tretakoff, IT Manager For LoyaltyLab

LoyaltyLab provides on-demand customer loyalty technology solutions for a number of high profile businesses. Josh Tretakoff, Executive Vice President of Services, was receiving requests from customers to develop custom applications, and Josh wanted to be able to say “yes”.

However, he didn’t have the application development staff in house to handle these requests. He turned to Elance and was quickly able to find qualified service providers, receive custom proposals, evaluate sample projects, and hire the providers he needed to get his applications built.

Through online interviews and reviewing sample projects, he narrowed 60 proposals down to 3. Josh engaged with three service providers, Enterra, Creatis and Samwise, each with teams of developers based in the US and abroad. Through these engagements, Josh has effectively added an on-demand army of application developers, and now he can confidently say “Yes” to any customer’s requests for a custom application.

This is just a tiny sample of the tens of thousands of hiring managers out there worldwide that are tapping in to a constantly growing professional workforce. If you’re a business owner, hiring manager, self-made entrepreneur, or anything in between, take note: The world of work is evolving -- embrace it, or your business might get left behind.

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