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The Business Benefits Of A Facebook Fan Page

The demand for social media, search engine optimization, and internet marketing skills as a whole has exploded in the world of online work. After all, why wouldn’t it? The internet provides the marketing industry a new, low-cost platform to distribute information (read: marketing materials) on a global scale in a variety of formats – video, still images, audio, text, interactive games, and more.

A Facebook Fan Page is one perfect example of one of these new marketing vehicles available for a business to utilize. After a recent redesign, these pages are now very similar to standard user profile pages in looks as well as functionality. These pages include a Wall tab that publishes your news feed as well as user comment posts, an Info tab that is populated with nibbles of your company’s information, a self-explanatory Photos tab, and several other default tabs. Additionally, you can add your own custom set of application tabs, some of which are completely customizable.

If your business doesn’t have a Fan Page yet, you better be asking yourself why you don't. These specialized Facebook pages offer a gaggle of benefits that would turn any entrepreneur, large business, or corporation's head:

1. Community Building: The Fan Page is a great platform for your loyal followers to come together for your product or service by utilizing the Wall feature or other available modular applications. Users can submit text testimonials, post pictures, create and upload video, hold discussions with each other – all supporting the growth of your online community.

2. Search Engine Optimization: As discussed in one of our previous posts, the benefits of creating a Fan Page also give you more footing in search ranking. By publishing backlinks to your business’ pages as well as having a Facebook Fan Page with your name in the title, your business will be receiving some big bonus points in the SEO department.

3. Insights: Facebook Fan Pages are nicely equipped with a good amount of analytics tools accessible by page owners. You’ll be able to track the number of interactions your page has with fans, view key demographics like sex, age, and location, and more.

4. Communication:
You have a variety of customization options when choosing to communicate with your fan base. You can send an update that appears as notifications on homepages, and you can target your message to match a specific age, gender, and location. Don’t forget – since you can publish to the “stream”, you’re able to communicate messages and posts directly into your fans’ homepages.

5. Price: Did I forget to mention that it’s completely free? All of these previous benefits are available for the low, low cost of zero dollars. You could have one up and running in just a smidge of time. 

If you're like me and are more of a visual learner, check out some examples of great Fan Pages on Facebook: Red Bull, Mountain Dew, and McDonalds. And if you’ve got some time, stop by the Elance Facebook Fan Page and drop us a line.

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A great blog article! I am totally agree with Web 2.0 social marketing approaches to retain and long term relationships with your customer at fraction cost of your monthly sales. Search Engine Optimization plays an important role for new customer acquisition and one must focus on this.

I am interested in posting this on my blog - who do i need permission from?

Great post.
I have been apprehensive to the idea of having a fan page since Facebook has personal info security issues, outlined by the Canada privacy commissioner. Once they fix them, I will definetely use Facebook fan page! It seems, these days a person who is not on facebook , is either paranoid or fell off the bandwagon of progress :)

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