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What's Hot In The First Wave Of Palm Pre Apps

My, time does fly quickly. It’s already been over one month since the launch of the Palm Pre, and with the Palm’s Mojo Software Development Kit out in select hands, we’re starting to see the mobile apps population grow slowly but surely. If you're kicking around a few ideas as you’re waiting for the public release of the SDK, have a look at what’s surfacing in Palm’s app store right now – it can be a good place to get inspiration, look for improvements, and conjure up new ideas, and more importantly, they’ll give you a preview of what you’re up against. (You should be able to find all of these applications in the Palm Pre App Catalog.)

Here are some of the more interesting Pre apps I’ve come across while trekking through the Palm app universe:

Pandora: If you haven’t heard about Pandora by now, your ears are in for a treat. Pandora is a web-based radio station that can take an artist you like and serve you similar artists and sounds in a streaming fashion. Trust me, the word “neat” is by far an understatement. If you’re always out and about and away from the computer, set your sights on the mobile version of Pandora, now on the Palm Pre. Give it a go on your web browser, and if you’re intrigued, set your mobile to download immediately.

mCraig: I’m a self-admitted Craigslist fiend – after all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. mCraig, which is still in beta, is a mobile app that will allow you to quickly search Craigslist and auto updates by what location you are in via GPS. Of course, if you feel like doing it the old fashioned way, you can still search by zip code. Since the software is still in beta, users are reporting that there are quite a few bugs to be kinked out, but expect the software to be continually updated until it’s fully stable.

Flightview: This is one of those apps that I don’t myself or many others using very often, but the few times a year when travel season comes around or bad weather strikes, something like this might prove to be worth having downloaded on your phone. Flightview allows you to check the status of flights that are in the air, the status of airports and their congestion, and notifications and alerts in a simple, small software application.

WHERE: uLocate’s multi-platform, location-based information app dashes its way onto the Palm Pre. In a nutshell, WHERE is a mobile app that can quickly pull up weather information, news headlines, restaurant reviews (via Yelp!), gas prices, movie times, and even Starbucks shops relative to your location. If WHERE doesn’t fit your fancy, there are several alternatives that you might like. LikeMe Mobile is another app that links in to the LikeMe network to find you places to eat, drink, and meet other people, and it serves up locations that are recommended by people like you. Mobile Citysearch and GoodFood are other alternatives that you should also check out.

Tweed: What would a mobile phone be without access to Twitter? Tweed is considered to be the who's who of Twitter mobile applications on the Pre. Sending tweets is fast and slick, and you’re also able to tweet from multiple accounts, change font sizes, search trends, retweet, and more. Good stuff by Pivotal Labs.

Match.com: Pre owners that are single and on the prowl, Match.com has released a mobile app that is specifically designed for the Palm Pre. Aside from doing the usual Match.com activities, like updating your profile, view other member profiles, send and receive winks and the like, and also find other members near you using GPS.

Hopefully this list of early Pre apps can jumpstart your brain and get your inspirational juices flowing. If not, I'll throw you a bone: If someone could create a location-based, Pandora-like service so that whenever you travel you can instantly hear music that is local to the area, that would be awesome Okay, elancers, have at it!

If it feels like the application catalog is looking a little thin, remember that this is just the beginning. Once the SDK goes public, expect the demand for providers to jump up the charts. And if you’re a mobile developer itching to ride the Palm Pre wave, apply for the SDK at Palm to see if you can get in early, and take our exclusive Palm Pre Application Development Skill Test to prove that you are ready and waiting to develop the next big app.

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