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Why You Need Social Media Bookmarking In Your SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization nowadays is far more than "title tags", "meta tags", and URL formatting. In this day and age, newer techniques have been discovered to give your search ranking a little bit of a boost. One of these new techniques, called social media bookmarking, is a blazingly-hot topic in the SEO world today. We've asked SEO expert Jason Gorham, CEO of SharkStrike.com, to give us a quick tour on why social media bookmarking needs to be a part of your search engine optimization strategy right now. And if Search Engine Optimization is a completely foreign string of words for you, check out our SEO blog post by Alex McArthur, VP of OrangeSoda for a little bit of an introduction.

Way back in what seemed like the stone age when I began my Search Engine Optimization (SEO) career, I remember having to create as many links and back-links I could in order to increase my position in all of the major search engines. The process of linking and back-linking is a long, drawn-out process – daunting is the first word that comes to mind. In order to create back-links, you have to complete this unsightly laundry list of chores. Don't believe me? See for yourself:

  1. You have to understand who you want a back-link from. This is considered audience/website research.
  2. In order to gain a back-link to that site you have to find out who the site owner is.
  3. After the owner is recognized, you must contact the owner via email.
  4. Propose your link trade/exchange.
  5. Create a link to their site on yours.
  6. Have them create a back-link to you.
  7. Manage links and back-links to make sure your links are still active on their site.
  8. Rinse and repeat.

Daunting, isn't it? If this doesn't seem so to you, then by all means, go ahead and go nuts.

The other problem we face is that there are a lot of potential holes in this process. The biggest hole is the fact that the email exchange that you are sending to create a link relationship typically goes to the email account Webmaster@xyzcompany.com, which you and I both know no one ever reads. You also have to adhere to rules of link-swapping, which include where and what page the link will be placed. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that this process is time-consuming to say the least?

Ok, enough with the bad – now the good. You can greatly improve your SEO game by using a technique that avoids the laundry list that comes in the form of social bookmarking. The name social media bookmarking is a bit misleading, but so is social media. Don’t get it confused with a traditional bookmark: A bookmark typically means to save a web page address to your browser so you can quickly access and view it at a later time, however social bookmarking is, in a nutshell, the storing, organizing, searching, and managing of bookmarks online for you and your friends to access.

The part we are going to concentrate on is how saving content to a social site can increase your SEO rankings. After all that I have described about what people have had to go through to increase rankings by utilizing back-links, the new social back-linking process is a miracle for us. It’s now easier than ever to take our content pages, blogs, and sites and back-link them to multiple social sites including Digg, Facebook, Reddit, and many more.

Now you maybe saying to yourself, “My product, message, brand or company doesn’t translate at all on social sites.”

That does not matter.

You have to remember why you are doing this: The value of the various social sites is their respective page rank, and in turn, the back-link will increase your search engine ranking. Sites that have a high page rank and get lots of traffic are important to search engines, and by back-linking to them makes your site important as well. People may see you on these sites and wonder why you’re there, but the real reason is to have social bookmarking baked into your overall SEO strategy by creating back-links to your sites.

There are tons and tons of social media bookmarking sites for you to leave your mark on – like the aforementioned Digg, Facebook, and Reddit, as well as Propeller.com, StumbleUpon, Del.icio.us, Shoutwire.com, Blinklist.com, MisterWong.com, Yattle.com, Clipmarks.com, Mixx.com… just to name a few.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your bookmark on!

About The Author:
Jason Gorham, CEO of SharkStrike, is identified as the pioneer of "Smart Recruiting", the emergence of using online media tools to identify passive candidates. SharkStrike offers recruitment search engine marketing (SEM), recruitment search engine optimization (HR-SEO), social media/social networking recruiting, and open web candidate sourcing. For more information, visit SharkStrike's homepage.


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