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Elance Work System Part 4: Awarding The Job

This is a continuation of the Hands-On With The Elance Work System by Matt Katsaros. To read the previous part, follow this link here: Hands-On With The Elance Work System: Part 3.

You’ve posted a job. You've searched, filtered, and invited. You’ve reviewed proposals in depth. Now, you’ve narrowed down your list and have that one skilled professional picked out in your mind. It’s time to award the job, make it official and start working.

After receiving 17 proposals, I finally found my perfect provider who goes by the name of “amstudio” out of the Ukraine. There’s a few reasons why I decided to go with a team from over the pond. First off, their feedback is an incredible 100%; although they have only done 12 projects on Elance, doing 12 projects perfect out of 12 ain’t bad!

After browsing through their portfolio, I saw that they are more than capable to a site this simple, and they have a huge list of sites they have built that all look great. And they were cost effective, doing the whole site for $300. On top of that, I have worked with amstudio in the past; they were extremely professional, and due to my previous experience, I know they would deliver quality work.

So once you have found your perfect provider like I have with amstudio, let’s award them the project. This is simple -- On the proposals page, find the proposal for the provider you want to work with and look for the big green award button; now click it. Bam!

After you click the award button, you are taken to a page where you can set all of the Terms and Milestones of the project. If you have any special work documents, like Non-Disclosure Agreements, use this screen to upload and attach them directly to the project. Milestones are a tool that Elance provides that allows you to break up the work into smaller chunks and also release payment in chunks as work gets completed.

The default for milestones on this page will be one milestone for the total amount the provider placed the proposal for, but it is entirely up to you and your provider to set up your own milestones. For example, if you agree to break the job up into two main chunks, you could make a half deposit after the first milestone and the other half on completion.

Since my project is going to be very short in terms of time, using one milestone for the entire project is a logical choice for me. Now that I have my milestones dialed in, I am going to write a comment to amstudio “Can’t wait to get started!” and press the award button.

Now that I have set the terms and milestones for the project, it is up to amstudio to accept them. If we are on the same page of what the terms/milestones are and he agrees, then he’ll accept the job and we’ll be well on our way to work. If not, he can make any changes he wants and submit them back to me for me to agree/change.

Now it’s time to get to work and get the job done! On to the Workroom!

Up next: Getting work done in Elance's robust Workroom. We'll cover Matt's progress as he manages this job, receives status reports, conducts live meetings, shares file, and gets work done.


How do I know I was awarded the job? I got a private invitation, and the poster asked me to complete the job and email to him/her. Maybe I have to accept the invitation and post my proposal, so I can be awarded the job? Or should I just go ahead and do what the employer asked, then email them the work product? Please advise.

hello i want to know that if i post a website design job and want to awarded to any contractor it ask for payment verification before awarding project to some one i want to ask is their any way that i can pay from my elance account . which i earn after doing some logo design project? Please advise.