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Microsoft Heats Up The Mobile App Wars

With Apple, Palm, and Google claiming their share of the lucrative mobile application pie, it’s easy to say that little apps equals big, big business.

Then there’s Microsoft.

Currently sitting on the outside, the big M is looking in with hungry eyes, and its intentions are clear. In addition to developing an upcoming mobile application store, the software development giant recently published a new case study on the Microsoft Developer Network website that details the process of porting a complex iPhone app onto the Windows Mobile platform.

The application detailed in the project, “Amplitude”, is an iPhone app that takes any sound in the phone’s surroundings, quiet or loud, and amplifies it while displaying a graphical waveform of said sound. According to PCWorld, Amplitude can pick up sounds not normally audible to the ear and amplify them, such as heartbeats. Inspector Gadget, eat your heart out.

From PCWorld: According to the blog post by Constanze Roman, a Windows Mobile Community team project manager, Amplitude is well-suited for a porting project because it is difficult to port in a way that will provide a good learning experience for Windows Mobile developers.

"It combines a rich user interface with features such as alpha blending and transparency with specific audio and sound requirements, which makes it challenging to port the app but, at the same time, provides a number of helpful learning experiences," he wrote.

Now, before you scoff and roll your eyes, consider this: In 2008 alone, over 20 million Windows Mobile phones have been sold. 20 million in one year.

It doesn’t take much brainpower to realize that this is a huge, huge market with an equally huge amount of potential, and with Microsoft’s upcoming launch of the app store, the publishing of this case study, and the preparation of Windows Mobile 7, it’s clear that the big M isn’t ditching Windows Mobile. It’s embracing it. (Check out Ed Hansberry’s take on the future of Windows Mobile here.)

So, a question to all of you mobile apps developers on Elance: What are you waiting for? Break out your Windows Mobile software development kits, brush up on your coding skills, and take a quick peek at this case study. It sounds like porting iPhone apps to Windows Mobile may be the next big thing, and you for sure don’t want to let an opportunity like this pass you by.

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