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Get Skilled With Windows Azure And Win $10,000

In January, Microsoft will be officially launching the Windows Azure platform, a "cloud services operating system that serves as the development, service hosting, and service management environment." In a nutshell: You’ll be able to create, host, and run your online application all in the “cloud” with Azure.

To celebrate the launch of Azure, we here at Elance have partnered up with Microsoft to bring you the Windows Azure Challenge so you can get skilled, get work, and get paid. (This program is initially for U.S.-based providers, but we hope to offer a similar program for international providers soon.)

Get Skilled – Microsoft has provided great resources to help you get started using Windows Azure including training materials, a virtual lab, technical resources and support, and more.

Get Work – Throughout December, US based providers are invited to submit a $50 proposal to one of our Windows Azure Challenge job posts here on Elance. We will accept up to 500 qualified proposals during the challenge. The work simply requires that you develop and demonstrate an Azure sample application that you have created using the Windows Azure token we provide.

Get Paid – All submissions will get $50 and the benefits of having a completed project, earnings, and feedback on your profile. But it gets even better! The best 6 applications created during this challenge will receive a total of $15,000 with the top application taking home $10,000. Entries will be judged on innovation, functionality, and use of the Windows Azure platform.

After you successfully create your first sample application, you can participate again by using a new token and creating a different sample, improving your odds of winning the top prizes. You’ll also become eligible to join the Windows Azure Experts group here on Elance, a future destination for Azure work.

The winning entries will also get publicity from both Elance and Microsoft, firmly establishing you as one of the first Windows Azure experts on the web.

So take part in the Windows Azure Challenge today to get skilled with the latest cloud platform, get work by submitting a proposal, and get paid up to $10,000 for an innovative Windows Azure app. For more information, view the Windows Azure Challenge page or one of the Elance Windows Azure job posts here.


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I noticed that most providers are not based in the USA, so it really sucks that this available only to providers located in the USA.

i have notice that there are so many people working in ELANCE are mostly from middle east

no words at all