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The Winners Of The New Way To Work Contest

The judges have weighed in, and the scores have been tabulated, but first off, we’d like to thank all of those that shared their stories in the New Way To Work Contest as well as those that continue to be a part of this global movement to online work.

The New Way To Work Grand Prize Winner Is:

Benjamin Gran – Cubicles are the Phone Booths of the Future

Someday, people are going to look back at cubicles with the same sense of disbelief that today’s kids have when they look at phone booths.

When was the last time you used a phone booth? (When was the last time you even saw a phone booth?)

It sounds absurd, right? Who needs a phone booth in this day and age, when everyone carries phones in their pockets? Imagine, having to sit in one specific spot and use one specific phone just to make a call!

Well, someday – probably sooner than most of us expect – people will look at cubicles the same way...

With the New Way of Work on Elance, we can work for clients worldwide, and we can do the work from anywhere. Who needs a cubicle?

Freelance writer Benjamin Gran won the grand prize with his message of workplace innovation and change, likening the end of the era of cubicles to the end of the era of phone booths. His entry showcases how the world of work is changing dramatically and old constructs are being challenged with the new way to work. Just as the mobile phone replaced the traditional phone booth, cubicles are being replaced by the online office.

Congratulations to Benjamin for winning the top prize for the Elance New Way To Work contest! But we’re not done yet. We’ve received such an overwhelming response to the competition that we are going to award a 2nd and 3rd place prize valued at $1,000 and $500 respectively.

Second Place - $1,000: Salma Jafri – My New Way To Work


Salma Jafri tells an inspiring story of a new mother who taps into the power of online work to reinvent her career while supporting her family and achieving a rewarding work-life balance.

Third Place - $1,000 (Tie - $500 each): Michael Rodrigues - The New Way To Work


Casey McConnell - Qittle Elance Video


Third prize winners Casey McConnell and Michael Rodrigues demonstrate how the world of online work is transforming the way small businesses are growing their companies leveraging the on-demand work model to build talented teams that will propel their companies forward in 2010.

Congratulations to our New Way To Work winners! We’d like to say thank you again to all of those that participated as well as to our guest judges Tim Ferris, author of The Four Hour Workweek, Tory Johnson, CEO of Women For Hire, and John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing to make this contest such a great success.

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