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@You: Get Twitter On Your Mobile Phone Now!

With over 2.87 billion ‘tweets served and 25 million users expected by the end of 2009, the evidence is clear: Twitter is still the hottest thing on the Internet since sliced bread. Businesses, entrepreneurs, celebrities, socialites, software developers, musicians, and humans from all walks of life agree that there is huge value in the "micro-blogging" service. (Don’t agree? Check out our post on getting more business through Twitter.)

Sure, Twitter is a blast to use from your PC, but the real fun happens when you start ‘tweeting on the go. Here are the hottest Twitter applications available for your iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, Android, Symbian, or Windows Mobile device, all in one link-filled blog post for you to feast on.

iPhone: When it comes to Twitter + iPhone, you have quite a few software options to your disposal. Tweetie ($2.99 at the iTunes store) is a super popular paid client that offers features like the ability to handle multiple accounts, viewing of your timeline, replies, direct messages, and favorites, automatic link shrinking via bit.ly, picture upload to TwitPic, a secure connection, and more. For those looking for an option that has the low, low price of zero dollars, the robust TweetDeck (logo pictured to the right) and speedy Twitterfon are known to be the who’s-who of the free Twitter iPhone app world. If none of these fit your fancy, there are tons more Twitter applications available for your iPhone, like Gyazickr, Twittervision, NatsuLion, and Twitfire.

BlackBerry: If you’re a “CrackBerry” fiend like myself, adding a Twitter application on your keyboard-equipped phone is a total no-brainer. TwitterBerry offers the standard set of twittering necessities, like timelines, replies, direct messages, and friend lists, and it’s widely considered to be the most popular software choice for RIM devices. uberTwitter is another alternative available for BlackBerry users – it’s fast, it can integrate with your Google Talk status, and it brings non-GPS location-based 'tweeting to the table. Both are available for free. (Nice!)

Palm Pre: Even though the WebOS platform is still in its infancy, two solid Twitter applications have already emerged. In column A, you have Spaz, which works with Twitter, Identi.ca, and Laconica, and offers geolocation support, multiple accounts, combined timelines, and more. In column B, you have Tweed, a solid client from PivotalLabs that serves up a similar set of Twitter amenities. One quick note: Both software options take advantage of the Palm Pre’s notification integration, so you’ll never skip a beat (or a 'tweet!)

Android: Google open-source fans have several options when 'tweeting on the G1 or other Android-equipped devices. If you're going for small and light, Twitta is super small in file size but is limited in the features department. If you're looking for a heavy Twitter hitter, Twidroid and Twitter Ride provide clean interfaces and lots of features that will keep any 'tweet-freak happy.

Symbian and Windows Mobile: There aren’t very many options available to those using Symbian and Windows Mobile devices (hint, hint – hire an elancer and make one for the masses) but you can still hop on Twitter by using Twibble Mobile and ceTwit. Twibble is a very simple client available for Symbian devices (read: most anything with a Nokia logo on it), and it’s pretty much your only option as of today. ceTwit, available for Windows Mobile devices, offers many more options and features when compared to Twibble and is pretty much the lone sheriff in town. With tens of millions of Symbian and Windows Mobile devices out there, there’s money to be had. Can you say “developing market” with me here?

Now that you’ve got Twitter on your mobile phone, shoot us a 'tweet at @elance and say what's up, and while you're there, follow our jobs feeds located at @elance_jobs, @elance_web, and @elance_design. And all of you out there in Twitter-land, what is your preferred client(s) of choice on PC and on mobile? Post your faves in the comments below.

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