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5 Technologies Your Business Needs In 2010

With the books officially closed for 2009, businesses around the world are all now looking forward to predict what adjustments and investments they’ll need to make to stay competitive for 2010. Clueless on which technologies your business needs? Here are five big players that are shaping up to make a huge impact throughout the rest of the year.

Android Assimilation: As outlined in the December Elance Work Index, Google’s mobile operating system ended 2009 with a huge amount of momentum. Additionally, with the introduction of the Nexus One as well as an army of other Android phones, it doesn’t look like it will be letting up anytime soon.

With Android continuing to gain share in the mobile phone market and it’s more open-ended development approach, businesses will (and have already been for a while now) shifting resources to create mobile applications for the popular open-source operating system. However, don’t expect Android’s 11,000+ application market to surpass Apple’s 100,000+, but there’s no doubt that you’ll see a investments made to set up shop on Android and on other mobile platforms, like Windows Phone and Palm WebOS.

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Browsing On The Go: Just because you’ve set up shop on the iPhone and Android doesn’t mean you’re done yet. Why leave out millions of other internet-equipped mobile devices? Creating a mobile website was a hot topic in 2009, with huge businesses like Target, Amazon, PayPal, Bank Of America, and Southwest Airlines creating mobile websites that can be easily (and quickly) accessed by any standard mobile browser on any network.

Ease of access for mobile users will be a huge, huge priority for businesses of all sizes in 2010, so expect to see the adoption of mobile-enabled websites trickle down from larger businesses to medium and small businesses.

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Social Media And Community: If 2009 was the year of experimenting, then 2010 is the year of action. Last year, some companies invested resources into furthering their reach to online communities through social networking venues, like Facebook and Twitter, while other companies simply balked at the idea of “social media” and the lack of a true proven game plan.

Last year, we covered how to effectively use a number of social media channels to benefit your business as well as how some businesses are finding success with their social media experiments (check out How To Get More Business With 140 Letters Or Less, Tweeting 101, and The Business Benefits To A Facebook Fan Page for a start), but expect it to be on the checklist for far more companies in 2010. According to a BizReport survey, 56% of marketers plan on “social media presence” being a key point in the coming year.

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WordPress And Blogging: Almost all businesses have a blog of some sort to communicate with their loyal customers and fans. However, the key difference this year is that businesses aren’t just going to look to launching blogs – they’re going to be looking for integration of the latest widgets, modules, template styles, and custom functions requiring an expert to develop to stay competitive. (Speaking of experts, we’ve got a WordPress Group full of gurus ready to help.)

WordPress and other content management systems have had strong appearances on the Elance Work Index – expect more of the same in 2010.

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Shift To The Cloud: Cloud computing went from buzzword to full-on phenomenon in 2009. With the success of cloud-based startups like Twitter coupled with large companies continuing to add their cloud offering into the mix, like the European mobile network Orange, there’s no doubt that towards the end of 2010, the adoption and usage of a cloud platform in either a private, public, or hybrid format will be on the minds of many executive teams.

With a wide variety of cloud-based services available from a wide variety of vendors, the thirst for scalability, reliability, and lower cost can be quenched by Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, or any other flavor of cloud computing platform available today.

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