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New Skill Tests For The New Year

First off, everyone here on the Elance team wish all of you a happy new year and a wonderful 2010. We’re all back in action and are firing on all cylinders here at HQ, and we’ve added 18 new Skill Tests for you to master and add to your profile page.

German Spelling
German Grammar
German Sentence Structure
German Vocabulary
German Word Usage
Italian Proofreading
Italian Grammar
Italian Sentence Structure

Italian Spelling Skills
French Spelling Skills
French Sentence Structure
Spanish Spellling
Spanish Grammar
Integrated Circuits
Adobe Flash CS4 (Mac)
ActionScript 3.0 (Mac)
Quark Xpress 8.0 (Mac)
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Also, if you’re a developer, be sure to check out our new PHP and MySQL Code Tests that we launched at the end of last year. These new Code Tests are timed tests that require the test taker to work with actual code to solve a problem. The test taker will not only be required to solve the problem in the allotted time, but the code is scored based on how concisely written and how efficiently it uses system resources.

If one of these Skill Tests don't fit your fancy, check out the rest of our Skill Tests over at our All Skill Tests page. Remember, according to our survey of over 300 clients, half of those polled responded that having Skill Tests are "Very Important" or "Extremely Important" when making a hiring decision, and over 76 percent are more likely to hire a contractor professional with tested skills that are relevant to their job.

Code Test: PHP
Code Test: SQL
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