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Rocket To The Top Of Google!

Everyone, and I mean everyone, wants to move up in Google. However, understanding how search engines rank websites in search results has reached a status of unsolvable enigma for a large percentage of the population. Rich Sloan, co-founder of StartupNation, and SEO expert Zeke Camusio of The Outsourcing Company share some search-engine tips and tricks in their just-released eBook series “Google Rocketship", which you can check out here.

When shopping for a product or service, 73% of consumers use search engines to find local businesses from which to buy. With more than 6 billion searches every month, who wouldn’t want their website to rank at the top of the search engines?

Gaining real estate at the top of Google and other engines is like lightening in a bottle. It can drive a boatload of traffic to your website and generate new customers for your business. Considering that 68% of searchers don’t go past the first page of search results and that nearly 40% of searchers automatically assume that high ranking businesses are leaders in their market, the business case for optimizing your website is a straightforward and convincing one.

One of the key points made in the series is that there is no magic or voodoo to search engine optimization. Instead, the best thing that you can do to juice your website’s rankings in Google is to create an amazing website that your audience loves. If you provide useful and compelling content, centered on keywords that your audience is already using when they conduct online searches, your site is bound to do better on the engines.

Let’s assume you run an appliance repair business in Seattle and you want your website to do better than its current page 15 listing in Google. What should you do?

First, target the precise keywords that your prospective customers are using when they search in Google. You can find these keywords through various tools, including the free Google Keyword Tool. There, let’s say you find relatively high demand for keywords such as “refrigerator repair Seattle” and “Seattle dishwasher repair.” You may find that even outside of the obvious product- and service-focused keywords, they are using lifestyle-centered keywords that you can tap into. For your repair business, this may include searches by home owners wondering when it makes sense to repair a refrigerator or dishwasher vs. purchasing a new one.

After you have your targeted keyword set, you should create content that your audience will feel completely answers their questions.

But don’t just stop with text content. Make it come alive. How, you ask?

Try shaping the content into different media, formats and styles. Sure you can write some basic web pages and articles, but also consider the creation of a blog, video series and Ask the Expert section on your site. Create content away from your site (comment on others’ blogs, participate in forums and post your videos in YoutTube) with links back to your website when relevant and helpful to the audience.

Create excitement by conducting a contest or declare a “Seattle Repair Day” with special promotions, and get written about by bloggers and those participating in social forums. The more you focus on making your audience delighted, the more they will reward you with mentions of your content with links back to your website. And more than anything else, Google loves high quality external links and will reward you in kind.

About The Author:
Rich Sloan is Co-founder of StartupNation, a leading online business advice and networking website for entrepreneurs. He also hosts the nationally syndicated talk show, StartupNation Radio, airing on over 70 stations across the country. He is co-author of the acclaimed how-to book, StartupNation: America's Leading Entrepreneurial Experts Reveal the Secrets to Building a Blockbuster Business. For more information on the "Google Rocketship" eBook series, visit StartupNation.com to learn more.

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Speaking from experience here: It can be done fairly easily and quickly! I have absolutely zero real-world internet marketing experience and used what I learned by reading blogs such as these. Two weeks ago, I started developing my site. Yesterday, I "accidentally" checked it using a rank checker and found that it was on the first page of Google and #3 in Yahoo's search engine! The key here is optimizing well for keywords using a local identifier such as mentioned above. I also looked for keywords that had a lower level of competition with decent number of searches; all using the free Google Keyword Tool! It was a rush to type in web marketing business houston into Google and see my website populating the #10 spot after being hosted online only two weeks! Oh, and to really send this home: 43% of internet searches now include a local identifier...(wish I knew the source; which is why I'm not a journalist)