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The Best WordPress Plugins Available Today

Over the years, WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) in the world and highly in-demand skill on Elance, has evolved into something far more powerful than just a simple blogging platform. The amount of theme customization that you can do truly allows for limitless possibilities when creating your website.

Some of these customizations come in the form of "Plugins". They're modules that you can add onto your WordPress installation that can extend the functionality of your blog in both mechanics, interaction, and usability, and there are literally tons of plugins out there that you can sift through to customize your blog. I’ve compiled a short list of very informative blog posts that cover the best and most useful plugins for WordPress you can find.

Nicholas Cardot at Site Sketch 101 has an excellent, excellent post covering “The 15 Best WordPress Plugins To Use In 2010”. My favorites on this list include WP Super Cache, Akismet, Wptouch iPhone Theme, and Thank Me Later. Check out all 15 over at Site Sketch 101 now.

Joseph at VisionWidget.com has put together an incredible list of 48 high-quality WordPress Plugins for “branding your perfect blog”. Favorites include All in One SEO Pack, Community Cloud, What Would Seth Godin Do, Yet Another Related Post Plugin, and GD Star Rating plugin. Lots of stuff to go through here, so be sure to check it out.

If you’re someone who frequently handles images, Robysottini’s Blog has just posted a great article on "10 WordPress plugins to work with images". I personally like Watermark Reloaded, WordPress Media Flickr, and Faster Image Insert.

Ajaxline.com recently posted an article suggesting WordPress plugins that you should take a look at as well. Global Flash Galleries, Bulk Delete, WP to Twitter, Login With Ajax, and My Quote are some I’m going to give a test drive today.

If social media and promotion are your thing, then check out Webexpedition18.com’s article “Best WordPress Plugins To Promote Your Site”. Nikola Lazarevic suggests plugins like Digg Digg, a button generator for your site, to generate more social awareness and consequently drive more traffic to your site. While many of the plugins might overlap in terms of functionality, it’s good to know what’s out there so you know what will fit your blog and use case the best.

And as always, if there isn't a plugin that does quite do what you need it to do, there are thousands of skilled, professional WordPress developers on Elance to deliver what you need. Do you have any plugins that are your favorites? Shoot 'em to us in the comments below.

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Not sure if these are listed, but I'd like to add:

Wassup plugin - site analytics, lovely little plugin even if you use other analytic programs.
Deep Link Engine - great pingback feature
Ping FM plugin
OnlyWire...between ping fm and onlywire, you're set for social bookmarking - they automatically, more or less, send your articles/content to social networks of your choosing.

I think now web designing is very easy.. wordpress, joomla and drupal made it more easier.. But selection of plug ins is difficult..