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Introducing Work View

As many of you know, there are two ways to work on Elance: Hourly and Fixed Price. Hourly work is time-based, where payment is made for time (or hours) spent working on the job, regardless of the final work product. Fixed Price work is results-based, where payment is only made when a milestone is completed, regardless of the hours spent.

Over the past several years, Elance has developed the world’s most advanced technology for managing and delivering fixed price work online. Terms and milestones facilitate clear agreement on the schedule and price of work to be delivered. Status reports provide weekly visibility to job progress. Escrow guarantees that funds are available when the work is delivered. And if a disagreement arises, a well documented dispute assistance process governs the release of escrow funds. These combined features create a higher level of trust and efficiency for fixed price work.

And now, we are excited to introduce automated billing, improved collaboration and guaranteed payments for documented hourly work with the next generation of Tracker. The new Tracker comes loaded with enhancements to enable accurate time tracking and automatic upload of time into your timesheets. In addition, with the new Tracker, you can stream comments and images of the work directly into the Workroom with a new feature called Work View™ (BETA).

Work View enables providers to document the time they spend working online and automatically submits timesheets verifiable by clients. With Work View, Elance is able to guarantee payments for those documented hours. Work View is an optional feature of Tracker that can be turned on or off at any time.

Just like how Escrow protects both parties for fixed price jobs, the new Work View protects both parties for hourly work.

How does it work?
With Work View, providers can document their work as it progresses by streaming screenshots and comments into the Work View section of the Workroom. Clients can view the work as it progresses and provide timely input and guidance. Work View enables clients to verify the hours billed and providers are guaranteed payment for the hours worked. 

Here are some important things to consider:

  1. Work View is always optional. Providers are never required to take screenshots while working. However, if a client requests Work View and the provider does not document the hours worked, payments are not protected by the guarantee. 
  2. Hours documented with Work View are protected by the Elance Hourly Work Guarantee. That means that if a client refuses to pay for relevant work as documented by Work View, Elance will cover the payment to the provider.
  3. There are five screenshots taken at random intervals throughout the hour creating a record of the work performed for that hour.
  4. Screenshots can be deleted prior to Timesheet submission. If a screenshot is taken that may not be relevant to the job, the provider can delete the screenshot and the corresponding time will be removed from the Timesheet (in 12 minute increments). The time can still be added to the Timesheet without documentation, but payment for that time is not guaranteed.

What about privacy?
To protect your privacy, Work View is an optional feature that you may turn on or off. The client and provider can agree to use Work View to assure that work billed is work performed and guaranteed by Elance. Some established relationships may not require this level of visibility.

Work View is currently in beta and currently available on Mac and Windows. A Linux version will be available soon. We look forward to your feedback in the Water Cooler as we work to maximize your time and success on Elance. More information regarding Work View, the new Tracker, and The Elance Hourly Work Guarantee can be found at our help portal or at the links below.

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It is unfortunate that Elance feels they have to follow in the footsteps of Odesk for hourly work. Very disappointing...

They are some admirable goals, but since (a) the new tracker fails to install on my system and (b) the existing online tracker doesn't seem to be available, this could have been handled better. Especially since I'm in the middle of a billed-by-the hour job, with a deadline looming. (And I can't imagine I'm the only one...)

At least keep the previous web-based tracker around while this (BETA) software gets debugged.....

How long for Linux support? If it's not going to be for awhile, you may want to remove the "Download for Linux" button that I get when I try to use it. Until then, is there a way for me to use the old tracker?

Does anyone know how can i add a "Work view" option for existing contractors?

Please email to: aleex.vosk@tastyimage.com

Thank you!

Good job at bringing slavery back.

Buyers will think that a "little" extra control is welcomed while the Providers will look like cheaters when they will try to convince the Buyers to not use this communist system. I just had to talk my client out of this. Today I succeeded but what about tomorrow when more and more poor people will sell their privacy for some food to put on the table ?

Thank you

how can i installed time tracker

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Norton is blocking the time viewer due to being risky?

I have worked here for a year, and absolutely love Elance. My challenge is I have never been able to get the WorkView Tracker to work on my MacBookPro. I am running the latest version of Yosemite. I am having to use a virtual machine which is a bit cumbersome. Any suggestions? Thanks!