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Elancers and the Box.net API


Last year, producing your own public API for the masses was the thing to do. However, as many companies figured out, publishing an API won't do you much good without high-quality developers. Jeremy Glassenberg, Platform Manager at Box.net, shares how talented elancers like you help with the success of cloud-based technologies like Box.net

Our developer platform at Box.net originated well before the 2009 "API Craze," yet we are still discovering new possibilities with our platform and API.

For years, the OpenBox platform focused on providing third party developers with way to manage and access files critical to their application in the cloud. This platform has driven integrations with major business applications like LinkedIn, Salesforce.com and NetSuite, and a wide variety of applications in different markets such as mobile platforms. But as the number of users and businesses using Box has expanded, we've seen our platform used more frequently to interact with a company's unique, internal set of needs.

Supporting custom projects one customer at a time can become overwhelming very quickly. Some customers used their own developers or consultants, making the process easier for us to support, but for other customers, we needed a way of introducing third party developers who could help customers manage these integrations.

This is where Elance comes in. Thanks to its certification program, we can ensure that members of the Elance Box.net Platform Developers Group are reliable developers to consider for an integration with Box.net. We can also maintain constant interaction with these developers through the Elance community.

Elance's certification and groups program is an excellent resource for developers to build a brand, and moreover, to interact with services like Box.net for further support. We look forward to meeting the new talent that comes from Elance.

About the Author:
Jeremy Glassenberg is the Platform Manager at Box.net, where he oversees partner integrations, API and platform product management, and Box.net’s community of more than 1,000 developers. He holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and an MBA from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University.