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10 For '10: The Top Ten Blog Posts of the Year


Wow—another year, another series of blog articles aimed to maximize your potential as an online worker. Now it’s time to take a look back and see which stories that you, the Elance community, found to be the most compelling.

On to the best blog posts of 2010:

Are You Killing Your Productivity? 6 Things to Watch Out For

Whether you’ve been working as a freelancer, entrepreneur or business owner for days, weeks or years, you know there are always opportunities for bumps in the road that can dramatically affect how you work and operate. We discuss six common pitfalls that you can avoid in your quest to be the best version of your work-self.

Two Guys in a Garage Build a Business with Elance
There are Elance success stories everywhere, but you can’t help but take notice when a couple of 20-somethings are able to start and operate a successful business by using Elance for virtually everything—finding providers for the development of their mobile apps, creation of their website and design of their e-book. Here they discuss how they've leveraged all the opportunities on Elance and left their 9-to-5s behind.

5 SEO Tips Every Newbie Should Know
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the hottest trending skills of the year on Elance because virtually every website can stand to improve its search engine results ranking and relevancy on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc. Just by subscribing to a few of these helpful hints, even the greenest of novices can put together an efficient optimization plan.

Why Big Companies Hire Freelancers
Freelancers and contractors aren’t limited to working for mom-and-pop business and early-stage startups anymore. Some of the largest corporations in the world turn to freelancers to ease the workload on staff, ensure they meet tight deadlines, and even resuscitate stagnant ideas. Intrigued? Read on!

12 Tips for Outsourcing Your Business to the Next Level in Today’s Economy
Outsourcing is often a misunderstood word, as many employers don’t really see how it fits as part of their business—but they just don’t realize that using today’s “testing economy” enables  you to leverage the global pool of resources available at your fingertips. Once you’re ready to delegate your work (enabling you to focus on your core business), we have 12 tips designed to maximize the tools at your disposal.

How to Ditch Distractions and Stay Focused When Working Online

With so much of our lives--professional and personal—conducted online, it can sometimes be difficult to avoid distractions while working on projects. We share some strategies that have worked well for us that you may want to try for yourself. Some of them may actually stick and you can be the productive freelancer you want to be—without sacrificing your Web sanity.

Twitter For Businesses: There’s an App For That

With over 100 million users by the end of this year, the Twitter-sphere is a space that businesses simply can’t ignore anymore. But how do you effectively manage your account(s) without having to dedicate your entire day to maintain a consistent Twitter presence on the web? We take a look at several third-party applications designed to give you additional functionality and flexibility, to better help you stay on track and in front.

How to Balance Your Dream with Your Freelance Business
Sometimes there are concessions in life we simply won’t make—concessions that are often impossible to avoid when you have a career in traditional work. Freelancing, on the other hand, allows you the flexibility required to juggle your profession and your passion. Read about how a fellow Elancer uses the “new way to work” to ensure that his career supports—not stifles—his life.

Eliminate Deadline Stress: Here’s How
Just about all of us have been in the situation—the project has come down to the wire, deadline staring you right in the face. The last thing you want to do is panic, so how do you manage yourself but still retain the sense of urgency needed to get the job done? Let a time coach and Elancer share her tips on avoiding deadline meltdowns.

Targeting Your Audience
As a writer, you can possess a mastery of mechanics, spectacular syntax and great poise of prose, but if you aren’t effectively speaking to your specific audience, your message may not be delivered after all. Read on as our blog helps you fine-tune your craft so you can maximize the power of your words.

What were your favorite articles of 2010? Dying to share your tips and experiences with your fellow Elancers as a guest contributor in 2011? Send an email to alex@elance.com or leave us a comment below.


I'm honored that my blog post on "Eliminate Deadline Stress" was one of Elance's Top 10.

To feeling peaceful and accomplished in 2011!

Your time coach,
Elizabeth Saunders