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Earn Cash and Connects with the New Elance Referral Program

Today, we're introducing a new and improved Referral Program which will present new opportunities for users to earn rewards like cash and Connects by sharing the Elance experience with their friends and peers. In addition, we've also made several enhancements to the hourly work experience to improve flexibility with the number of authorized hours in a week.


The New Elance Referral Program
Here's how it works. For every client that you refer on to Elance from the Referral Program page, you'll receive $10 directly into your Elance account. For every contractor you refer, you'll receive 10 Connects, and as an added bonus, your newly referred contractor will also receive 10 Connects as a gift from you to get started!

Program Details and Payments
When refering a client, all they need to do is register on Elance and make a payment of $10 or more, and you'll qualify to receive $10. If you refer a Contractor, once they pass the Admission Test and verify their email and phone number, 10 Connects will be awarded to you and your referred friend.

As you earn money through the referral program, your new funds will be credited to you Elance account automatically, and the best part—there is no limit to the amount of money and bonus Connects you can earn through the referral program.

The New Referral Home Page
From your navigation bar, go to the Resources drop-down menu. When you click on the Referral Program link, you’ll be taken to the main program page where you’ll see an overview of the new details. From here, you have several options of inviting people to join Elance—we’ve conveniently provided buttons that allow you to quickly post to your personal Facebook or Twitter page, email a friend, or generate a link that you can place yourself.

Referral Account Page
In the upper-right hand corner of the program page, you can click on “View my referral account” to access your referral and reward history. Here you will be able to track the amount of money (listed in U.S. dollars) and bonus Connects you have earned, as well as a detailed listing of all your referral activity. There, we provide information on all the new users that you’ve referred to Elance, their sign up date and the source from where they came (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).


Also New: Improvements to Hourly Work Terms
In addition to our referral program, we’ve continued to make improvements throughout the site, specifically to Hourly Work Terms. Now clients can increase the number of authorized hours during the current week. Additionally, when an active hourly job is about to expire, clients will be reminded to extend the job via email.

Have questions or feedback about tonight's new features? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below!



Hi, I have just posted news of your referral program on facebook site in Croatia, this site is called The big movement for government collective resignation, which is very popular site in Croatia, lots of disappointed people, lots of them are educated, young and unemployed, so they will probably be glad to have opportunity to work and earn some money. I expect good feedback, because site has over 32000 likes. What can I expect to be next? How it works on further notice?,

sicerely, Miljenka C

Thanks for such a beneficiary article.