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May Elance Spotlight: The Winning Entry

As we wrap up our Elance Spotlight contest for May, we’ve seen elancers submit and share real stories about how online work has changed their lives and businesses. There's no greater proof to the advantages of working online than what you did--which was embrace the online work movement and then share your own personal experiences with the world.

It was all of your great stories that made our decision so difficult. But without further adieu, the winner of our May Elance Spotlight (and a new iPad 2) is...

Bill Meeks of Meeks Mixed Media!

Bill's video was an amazing representation of all the benefits of online work, as he shared his accomplishments working on Elance and even gave us a glimpse into his home life (and sense of humor!). Congratulations Bill!

We would like to take a moment to say thank you to all of our other incredible participants, who will each receive 20 bonus Connects in their Elance account:



To check out all of the entries, head over to the Elance YouTube Channel, where you can find the videos in the right-hand navigation.

Lastly, please check back early next week for the details of our June Elance Spotlight!


Thanks for picking my video, Elance! It was a fun contest.

Congratulations to you Bill Meeks!!


Nicely done!

I'm guessing your in some sort of advertising -brand design facet of work Bill, got any advice for my brand and website: Internet Marketing Consultants Bay Area

What an entertaining and inspiring presentation Bill. Well done! Its wonderful to hear your passion and enthusiasm for working online. Something I can certainly share with you!

Looks pretty tough to get selected for the job, which is must for running business. Don't know how you people do it, but here its like bad luck in getting projects. Congrats to those who success at Elance.

Congratulations Bill!

This was a nice, clean, video about your online experience with Elance. Congratulations on the win!