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CEOTraining.com: How to Use Elance To Grow Your Business

Entrepreneur Richard Wilson started using Elance over four years ago to help launch CEOTraining.com, and has since hired over 20 Elance professionals to complete projects for each of his businesses.

Recently, Richard (while in Singapore) put together a fantstic video on his site highlighting some of his best advice for entrepreneurs and small business owners using the Elance platform. We took the liberty of transcribing a few of Richard's tips—and are confident that you'll want to hear all of them in the video below!


  • Make sure you have examples of what you want done. When you give someone a project, make sure you show them the ideal outcome that you want at the end of the day.
  • Always have very focused projects. If you have four projects to get done, make those four different projects on Elance.com. Sure, you might award two of them to the same person, but chances are, if you post four different projects you're going to get people who apply for each of those, with very specific skills that match those projects very well.
  • Touch base weekly if you have a long-term project. If you don't touch base all of the time, sometimes people on Elance get distracted by new projects or their full-time jobs. Touch base with people weekly, and then they'll do a better job and more consistent work on your project.


great video.

Thanks for the tips.

Ahmed Hasan

Thank you Ahmed,

we are trying to produce 1,000 of these videos and we try to make each one worth $1,000 while keeping the content very concise. I hope we will be sharing several future videos here via Elance.com.

- Richard

Richard Wilson
G.T.C. Institute, LLC

I did all the three suggestions above and yet a project that was suppost take two weeks last 10 weeks.
the project start June/ 30/2011 and end August/08/2011 what did when wrong.

Awesome info