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[The Winners] Elance Spotlight: The View From Your Office

Thank you to everyone who submitted their photos for our Elance Spotlight: The View From Your Office contest! We regularly talk about how online work has truly gone global, but to see it first-hand from Elancers across all ends of the Earth is really special.

If you haven't flipped through the photos yet, we've put them together in a Flickr slideshow below. Also, remember we also have a Flickr badge in the right sidebar of this page and the rest of the Elance Blog. Underneath the Blog Topics box, you should see a Flickr box with three thumbnail images—those are Elance users! Click on any of them to be taken to our Elance_Flickr page, and you can browse through all of our contest submissions!

Elance Spotlight: The View From Your Office

Our three winners, who were chosen by the trusty random number generator over at Random.org, will each receive a new Amazon Kindle! Congratulations to:


Lastly, if you'd like to send in a photo of the view from your office and add to our gallery, you can do so anytime. Just email it to elance_spotlight@elance.com and include your Elance username and a caption!


Dear Sir,

It's so great that we have a chance to show our photos from the office. Thank you for the idea again.
I have sent in my photos. However, as you require us to include Username and "Caption". Could you please let me know what the "Caption" is? I just include my Elance Username and a link to my profile on Elance, is that OK?

Giao Nguyen


Hello there!

Username and link will suffice, but you can also include a caption detailing the photos--what's going on in it, where it's being taken (city and/or country), etc.


Dear Sir,

Thank you for your response.

I have looked at Elance Spotlight Gallery on Flickr site, but haven't seen my photos (which was sent in a day before). Could you please let me know when I should expect to see them there?

Thanks and Best,
Giao Nguyen