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40 Entrepreneur Blogs You Should Be Reading

It’s tough to be an entrepreneur. All those nights you spent dreaming of running your own business gave way to days of non-stop working. You may be a leader in your company, but when it comes to knowing whether you are taking your business in the right direction, sometimes you feel all alone. That’s alright because there are plenty of online sources out that can help you find the answers, commiserate with other entrepreneurs or simply reconfirm that you are headed in the right direction.

The following is a list of 40 excellent small business blogs that offer insight on the trends facing small businesses today and provide answers to some of those nagging questions. Need advice on financial management? Trying to anticipate the next big fad with consumers? These blogs will answer those questions and keep you informed.

Not all blogs are alike. Some are news-heavy, some are funny and insightful, some are in-your-face and others are an easy blend of entertainment and resource. No matter what your business style, one of these blogs is sure to be a fit. So without further ado, the 40 essential small business blogs you should be reading:

Written by Fred Wilson, a venture capitalist and principal at Union Square Ventures. Great tips on raising venture capital and other advice on how to deal with VCs, not to mention a lot of lively debate in the comments sections—with significant participation from Fred himself.

All Business
Discover ways to monetize your blog, protect your intellectual property and tips on operating your business. This blog has extensive coverage of every aspect of small business.

American Express OPEN Forum
Sure, American Express is a credit card site, but it does offer up one resourceful blog. OPEN Forum provides useful information to help your business grow. Learn about technology, marketing, managing and anything else that contributes to your business growth.

Ben Horowitz
Ben Horowitz is a successful entrepreneur turned venture capitalist and the co-founder of the VC firm Andreessen Horowitz. His blog is only updated about twice a month, but the information he provides are must-reads if you are interested in venture funding for startups.

In February 2006, Blogtrepreneur.com was born as a way for a young entrepreneurial UK student to share his ongoing exploration in blogging and business. Since that time the site has grown in readership and popularity thanks to his passion for online entrepreneurship, and his dedication to building Blogtrepreneur.com into a powerful resource for other businesses, online and off.

Bloomberg Businessweek “The New Entrepreneur”
This blog is a news heavy source with posts that take the current headlines from the business world and shows how they are relevant to today’s businessperson. The blog is authored by John Tozzi and Nick Leiber, who discuss trends and ideas that make sense to small business owners.

Both Sides of the Table
A startup blog by Mark Suster, an entrepreneur turned General Partner with GRP Partners (the largest VC in Southern California) after he sold his company Koral to Salesforce.com. His insights on entrepreneurship come from someone who started his own companies and is an active angel investor who focuses on early-stage investments.

Brian Solis
Brian Solis is a globally recognized thought leader, published author, digital analyst, sociologist and futurist and the principal of FutureWorks new media and business strategy consultancy. If you need to get your business on the right track, this is the site that will help you. There’s plenty of information on business strategy and marketing. Solis also offers insight into the future of social media that will help keep your business on the cutting edge.

Danny Brown
If you want to know about marketing, Danny Brown is your guy. He’s also your guy if you want to know about the ins and outs of social media and how to leverage social media to help your business build online awareness. The information he provides is insightful, plus he’s a great storyteller.

Duct Tape Marketing
John Jantsch offers a practical take on small business with his Duct Tape Marketing blog. The blog is geared more toward growing your business’ online presence and to that end, you’ll find clever ways to use social media to increase your online exposure. Find out how to get more out of your online videos, or how to use Skype to create content for your own site.

Entrepreneur Daily Dose blog
Entrepreneur magazine serves up this blog that provides a wealth of information for entrepreneurs of any level. Get tips on how to raise money for your business, how to be a business leader, how your business can save money and other bottom line savers. This blog offers information that is truly useful for the smaller business still trying to make its way in a world dominated by the big guys.

When you are seeking advice for your own business, it’s nice to know that the person giving you advice has been there themselves. Erica Douglass has been there. She built and sold a million dollar business by the time she was 26 years old. Now she teaches others how to build their businesses. Her advice is honest, open and to the point.

Learn how to boost your business, how to be a better manager and even how to stay optimistic about your business during slow economic periods. The blog features the Forbes.com video network that plays interviews with cutting edge entrepreneurs. There is not as much information on this blog as some of the other sites, but there are still some pretty useful resources.

GigaOM is one of the leading providers of online media, a major brand name on the web that covers events and research for global technology and innovation. If your startup has a technology focus, then this is one of the can’t-miss resources on the web for you.

Inc. magazine’s blog is as excellent as the magazine in providing resources that small business owners can really use. There are plenty of wrap-ups of the latest news in the business world translated into what it really means to business owners. Find posts on tax advice, basic accounting, step-by-step how-to guides and trend stories.

Sometimes the best advice is from someone who has been in your shoes. Inspirest.com interviews entrepreneurs and small business owners from all industries and backgrounds. This is a great resource for finding useful tips or for just getting inspired by hearing someone else’s story.

Mars Dorian
This site is dangerous. Focusing mainly on marketing and branding your business on the internet, Mars Dorian tells it like it is. He’s young and hip and he speaks his mind. He’ll tell you why your business card needs an overhaul, how to get a following on your blog quickly, and how to make a name for yourself on the web. If you need help with branding and want some straight-forward advice, this site is it.

Mashable is a site about everything online. However, it has a pretty good business and marketing section as well. Much of it focuses on what some of the headline-making businesses are doing online, but who says you can’t learn from case studies of successful big business campaigns? It’s a great site to see what’s trending in the world of online marketing and taking that information to apply to your small business website.

Microsoft Small Business Blog
This blog is from Microsoft, so as expected, it is bent towards technology. Learn about how to build an effective keyword list, how cloud computing can benefit your business and get the scoop on the best software choices to optimize your business operations. You’ll also get some marketing advice and ideas for growing your brand online.

Maybe it’s just best to have the writers at Mixergy tell you how they can help you become a better entrepreneur through their mission statement here: The Mixergy Mission is to introduce you to doers and thinkers whose ideas and stories are so powerful that just hearing them will change you.

The Mogul Mom
Heather Allard created this resource for all mom entrepreneurs, covering everything you need to know if you want to have the best of both worlds—a business and a family to raise and be successful doing both. Subscribe to their email campaign and you’ll receive updates chock full of feature articles covering social media, productivity, product development and other topics that will maximize the time spent on your business—because they realize you can’t spend all of your time there.

New York Times Small Business “You’re The Boss”
This blog gives business owners a place to compare notes, ask questions and get advice. At times, it carries the “New York Times feel,” with plenty of information for successful businesses, but may be missing the mark a bit for what hits home for the struggling business starting out or that mom and pop shop. Still, there’s ample amount of excellent information, from a variety of experts on legal issues, technical information, political policy and how it affects business.

Nolo’s Small Business Legal Blog
Every small business has legal worries—even if those legal woes are just worrying about staying out of legal trouble. Nolo’s blog is here to alleviate those concerns. Have questions about patents or copyright law? It’s here. Need an update on year-end tax changes? Nolo is on top of it. Whether it’s business formation, employee management or tax law, Nolo has an extensive database of answers to those legal questions.

Started by a serial entrepreneur , Dharmesh Shah, the founder of Hubspot and Pyramid Digital Solutions, this site was founded out of his interest in startups and what it takes for them to succeed. The site has regular contributions from Dharmesh and guest writers, and features an online Q&A community where software entrepreneurs can engage with other like-minded business owners.

Paul Graham
Paul Graham is the founder of Viaweb, Y Combinator (the most popular startup incubator that provides seed funding and advice to early stage startups) and Hacker News, and he’s put together a major list of essays he’s written on startups, fundraising, and entrepreneurship. Why should you listen to him? Well, for starters, Y Combinator has funded over 200 companies now and is one of the hottest names in the funding space today.

This is the best startup blog on the web that focuses on Indian startups, with topics and strategies that apply to startups in any country. In addition to success stories and interviews with entrepreneurs, this site offers timely industry news and analysis so you can stay on top of major technology trends that can affect your tech business.

ReadWriteStart is part of the ReadWriteWeb network , covering just about everything you need in the startup space—from new trends in entrepreneurship, venture capital and funding, and features on products and services from emerging startups and the business leaders that own and operate them. This is a great place to visit to gain a well-rounded perspective on successful entrepreneurship.

Seth Godin
If you’ve missed Seth Godin’s small business marketing blog, well, where have you been? His blog is wildly popular and he is often quoted by other marketing gurus. He’s written 12 books that have all become best sellers. His latest book, Linchpin, hit the top 10 on Amazon.com the day it was published. Need more reason to use his blog as a resource? Check him out...he’ll convince you.

Ramon Ray, longtime technology evangelist and author of over 8,000 articles focused on technology for growing businesses, oversees this site in order to educate growing businesses on how to strategically use technology as a tool to grow and accomplish its goals.

Small Business Brief
Sometimes business blogs offer information that just doesn’t apply to small businesses. Small Business Brief lives up to its name, with business news that is applicable to small businesses. Find tips and advice, as well as a forum section where you can discuss small business topics with others.

Small Business Trends
Get small business news, marketing tips and franchise information from this handy site. The site also offers helpful product and book reviews. Small Business Trends has a collaborative of small business experts who provide information on all the important trends that will affect your business.

Steve Blank
This blog is maintained by Steve Blank, a former entrepreneur turned Silicon Valley professor at U.C. Berkeley and Stanford University. He maintains a unique position of discussing entrepreneurship as someone with deep ties to Silicon Valley. Make sure you don’t miss his Startup Tools section with links to just about every resource a startup could ever need.

TechCrunch is one of the most prominent names on the web on all things technology and innovation in web product and companies. Editor-in-chief Michel Arrington founded the site in 2005 and it grew into a widely popular destination for tech news. In the process, he became one of the most influential figures on the web.

The Next Women
If you’re a female entrepreneur, you’re bound to find inspiration here. The Next Women is an award-winning online business magazine that emphasizes startup and growth companies that are led, founded or invested by women entrepreneurs and executives. They’ve built a network of over 10,000 members in the community and it's growing by the day.

Toilet Paper Entrepreneur
Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you can’t have a sense of humor. Mike Michalowicz runs the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, providing insights on how he built and sold several successful businesses. The site features some fun to read and informative blog posts as well as video interviews with up and coming entrepreneurs. Michalowicz will teach you insider tricks to becoming a successful entrepreneur in a wildly entertaining manner.

Founded and run by veteran and award-winning journalist Bambi Francisco, Vator (short for innovator) is a professional network for entrepreneurs. VatorNews, Vator's news site, has 350 contributors and is focused on the business and trends of high-tech entrepreneurship and innovation.

Founded as a news and resource hub for all things innovation, you can utilize VentureBeat to stay on top of news across a wide range of topics; from the mobile industry, green tech and gaming, to venture capital and fundraising. Of special note—they have a section called “Enterpreneur Corner” that spotlights tips and stories from new startup founders.

Xconomy is one of the leading entrepreneurial resources on the hi-tech sectors, including CleanTech, Health IT and Life Sciences, with additional coverage on startup news in select cities: Boston, Detroit, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle. They also promote a national network of events and conferences designed to connect hi-tech entrepreneurs alike.

Young Entrepreneur
This is one of the largest online forum communities for entrepreneurs worldwide, highlighting advice, business coaching, legal services and raising capital. Make this a part of your daily reading and you’ll always be up to speed on some of the key elements that can make your startup successful, such as social media marketing, branding and referrals.

Young Upstarts
Young Upstarts is a business and technology blog that seeks to promote and feature new ideas, innovation and entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on young entrepreneurs and their unique take on a changing world of business. In addition to news stories and highlighted features, Young Upstarts assembles a calendar of relevant events, book reviews and pieces from writers in the entrepreneurial community.

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40? How about the top 3-5? 40 confuses me more than it helps me.

Great post, well, it should be maximum top 5.

Thanks for including my site, Mixergy, in this list.

Great list. A few of my favorites that weren't listed are www.CopyBlogger.com, www.ProBlogger.com, and www.TheSmartMarketingBlog.

We don`t read anymore, whatever the reason.
I posted a job in Elance, got 4 offers totally unrelated. None of the replies even said that they saw the TWO SITES I wanted replied.


Of course that leaves out tons of great blogs. You could also try http://management.curiouscatblog.net/ or many many others. I think a good selection of about 10 will leave out plenty of great blogs but give you a good range of ideas. Some, like Paul Graham, are very powerful, but post very infrequently so it isn't necessary to be buried in reading. A good selection of 10 that have some focused on marketing, some on providing customer value, some on operations... would be a good mix.

This is a very useful list of blogs that could make a contribution to making freelancers successful. However, one of the main issues for all freelancers is how to make the best use of their time. It would be a useful exercise if Elance could engage their readers in voting on rating blogs, software, tools, applications etc to produce, say, a top five list as rated by users of the various categories of support.

What do other readers think of this issue?

John Cosstick

@FreelanceWorkGuide I agree with you on having top blogs as voted on by members of Elance. That would be a great thing to see and also a chance for some other great blogs out there to get on the list.