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comScore: Android Surges Past iOS in Europe Too

In our most recent update on smartphones in the U.S., Android continued to grow its lead on Apple's iOS mobile oeprating system, and from today's findings, it looks like Android is the one to watch in Europe too. comScore released their mobile OS numbers for Europe today, and Android passed iOS to become the second-most popular mobile OS in the five leading European markets (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom). While longtime leader Symbian still leads by 14%, that's down 16 points from this time last year, and if trends hold up, it only appears a matter of time before Google finds themselves knocking on the door and Android programmers continue to reap the benefits.

According to comScore's data:

In the three month average period ending in July 2011, 88.4 million mobile subscribers across the EU5 reported using smartphones, up 44 percent from the previous year. Google’s Android platform exhibited the fastest growth among smartphone platforms in this period, increasing its market share 16.2 percentage points to 22.3 percent.

On the tablet newsfront today, with their announcement of Windows 8 today, Microsoft revealed that their formerly PC-only operating system is designed to run on the next wave of tablets as well, promising a full day's uage on just one charge. With data showing that Windows Phone 7 has been slow to make an impact in the tablet space, it will be interesting to see if Windows 8 can chip into the iOS and Android Honeycomb lead.