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Introducing My Apps

With today's release, we'd like to a new feature to the site—My Apps, a new suite of robust applications to help get your work done more efficiently and effectively.

My Apps
With our new My Applications feature (located in the Resources dropdown menu in our navigation bar), we have incorporated more tools on Elance to help get your projects completed, including new productivity applications that will keep you better organized, allow you to share screens for enhanced collaboration, and participate in video chat to keep you in regular communication with your team—all from your Workroom.

To Do List
Elance To Do List improves collaboration amongst Workroom users by creating tasks, assigning them to users and tracking the status. To Do List also has a separate page for each Workroom which is accessible by default to every user assigned to them.

  • Create new tasks & assign them to any Workroom user.
  • Track tasks created within a Workroom & view your complete history of events.
  • Archive/unarchive tasks.
  • Automate Workroom messages & alerts for certain task-related events.

Elance Video Conferencing
Our new video conferencing application makes it easy to add flexible, multi-way video chat to your Workroom and allow live, group video conversations. By bringing human interaction into your communication, you’ll be able to share ideas more freely than ever, and finally be able to talk face-to-face with your team.

  • Create new video conferencing sessions using Workroom interface and easily invite Workroom users to video chat.
  • Join conference sessions already in-progress.


Codesion for Elance makes managing code in collaborative workgrounds a simpler, seamless process. You can manage your code creation intelligently, intergrate with management tools like Basecamp, Rally, Atlassian JIRA and VersionOne, and FTP deploy software to your live system.

  • Secure and reliable repository hosting in the cloud.
  • Manage Codesion projects and users using Elance features.
  • 2 users, 2 repositories and 2 GB storage for 1 year following your free trial
  • Personalized repository URL such as https://mycompany.svn.codesion.com.

Use join.me's simple screen sharing tool for everything from reviewing documents and designs, to demoing work on the fly. join.me will be added to the My Applications suite shortly—please check back soon!

For more information on our new features, please log in and view the full Release Notes here.



To Do List is a great tool for collaboration inside the team. But it would have a bigger effect if you add the notifications by email after you create/edit/complete the tasks. I mean if I add a task to my project manager through the To Do List app, the manager (and other stuff members in the workroom) should receive the notification by email that I've added a task or updated current task. This is very important! I would love to use this app if you add the email notifications - I don't think it's difficult to do for your guys.

Best regards,

Igor Ligay
CEO at Stylemix

If you can create a desktop widget for To Do List app that would be great!!!

Best regards,

Igor Ligay
CEO at Stylemix

The new template seems to have a problem. I submitted a proposal on the job http://www.elance.com/j/site-theme-nutritionist-web-site/26364542/ and client responded that they did NOT want a WordPress website. It was already included in template. I noticed that the new template has the field "Purpose of the WordPress Website: " which should be like "Purpose of the Website" instead. Can somebody explain it to me? I found a similar job here also http://www.elance.com/j/website-build/26368540/?backurl=aHR0cDovL3d3dy5l...


Great stuff. I would like to see a proposal template for providers which would let providers save their proposal texts. It will also allow them to easily recall the saved proposal for use in a fresh bid proposal. Since most providers on elance have specialized in one area or another.. the ability to save proposal texts will save them the agony of rewriting proposals for similar jobs. I don't mean to say its going to be copy paste.. but some part of proposal text applies to all the job invites these providers get.

Elance guys.. you rock :)
join.me is awesome and saves my time and make communications a lot easier...
What I really miss and in desperate need is additional feature in the provider's account that allow "Favorite Buyers" Listing and "Blacklisted Buyers" Listing.
I wish also proposal templates for providers to be saved.
Kind regards,
A. Taha

Awesome tools.
The suggestion of email notification is a good one.


To Do List email alert is must, I hope elance team will take care of this asap.

One more request from my side, which will make managing multiple projects on elance more easy:
Whats Next Page, which will tell the milestones/task pending in next 5 days from all the projects will be good idea.
So that service providers/managers can see all the project deliverable in one place for the next 5 days.

Any ways Elance is great tool and has changed my life.
I wish all the best to elance team.

Happy Diwali ( Its festival of light and celebrate victory of truth/good over evil)

Amit Patekar

Required email alart from Elance on a regular basis.The entire system to get an article writting offer is absolutely complicated.

The todo list is a great idea. Problem is, there is no way to categorize the todo list items.

For example, some todo list items may be related to application error, some may be related to html design. Allowing a 'tag' field will definitely improve the effectiveness (the developers will not mix the issues).

Also, it possible to have a pmb style messaging for the todo items? The problem with pmb is that it is great for general communication but very inefficient from project management point of view. Everything in one place. We really have to search up and down to see what was discussed for a particular point.

If we have simple pmb style messaging for each todo items, things are much more cohesive and is easier for for the client and the developer to check something.

Finally I would like to say that the todo list is great for status reporting. The provider can say how many items are still needed to be done.

This is also a great tool for scope management and prioritizing tasks. The client may wish to finish the most important items first and make the site live and then finish the 'cosmetic items'.

You see, I am doing a project where communication is absolutely vital and use basecamp for it. In fact, my suggestions are all based on basecamp experience. However, I also understand that providers are reluctant to use basecamp because any external communication is not recognized by Elance if there is a dispute. If Elance provides us with the tools, I believe both the clients and the providers will benefit and it will improve the Elance experience.