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The True Cost of Commuting

We know that one of the very best reasons to work online is to minimize, or often eliminate, the commute to your office or jobsite. We've asked you in the past to share with us your cloud commute stories, and you responded with some incredible videos from all parts of the globe.

We wanted to share The True Cost of Commuting, a great infographic we came across from Stream Refinance on the total cost of a work commute—from mileage to cost to the amount of your life spent in your vehicle!

Some of the highlights:

  • The IRS estimates the total cost of driving an average car to be 51 cents per mile
  • In a dual-commuting household with two cars, that equates to $125,000 spent in gas alone over ten years
  • A commute of 19 miles is estimated to take about 40 minutes each way, which means 80 minutes in your vehicle each day
  • 80 minutes a day means you spend 6 hours and 40 minutes there a week—nearly an additional full work day!

Read on to see the entire inforgraphic; the numbers don't lie! So we ask you—what's the best part of your commute as an Elancer?