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Modern Language Wars: PHP, Ruby, and Python

In the following infographic from education website Udemy, three of the leading programming languages on Elance—PHP, Ruby, and Python—are discussed in terms of history, popularity, and ease of use. The infographic goes on to discuss the "marketability" and demand of each language. Here PHP has long-been the #1 in-demand skill, and both Ruby and Python have thousands of skilled professionals on Elance.

What do you think about the accuracy of the infographic? Do you feel any other key languages were left out of the comparison? Head over to our Facebook page and discuss!

Click on the following image to see the full size infographic.


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Source: Udemy Blog



and where is Java, the most powerful of them all? ))

I have downloaded and extracted php5.5.12-src.zip, php5.5.12-src.tar, php5.5.13-src.zip files alternatively. But I could not find the files - php.exe, php-cgi.exe, a single time. I have also looked into the very compressed files themselves but did not find these files. Can anyone help me? Quickly please!!!