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Introducing the Newest Elance Mobile Site

Today we've launched the first phase of a new mobile site to help you access Elance wherever you are. The new navigation gives you faster and easier access to your Inbox, My Jobs and the Workroom so you can post, read and review messages on your mobile.

As a Client, you have access to a number of other key features to manage your project—such as awarding Jobs, reviewing Timesheets, Status Reports and Work View that have been submitted—and as long as your payment methods have been previously stored on our site, you can also send payments right from your mobile device. You can also access My Contractors to see your active contractors, or if you need to search and add contractors to your Wish List for future considerations, you can do so from the new site.

As a Contractor, you have access to the Workroom for messages and can search for new Jobs, with the ability to add the ones you’re interested in to your Watch List. And if you’re trying to access a feature that isn’t yet available on our mobile site, we point you back to the full site so that you can complete your desired action.

This mobile site is compatible with iOS 4.1, Android 2.2 and later versions, and there’s no requirement to download or install software on your phone. Just visit www.elance.com from your smartphone browser, bookmark the new site and save it to your device for easy access in the future.

Additional features will continue to be added, so please send any feedback you have to mobilefeedback@elance.com


Excellent :-)

I tested there is not category vise job search option

SO Good. Thank you so much Elance.


I will be using this for sure. Thanks! :)

Great! Much better than your iphone app.

Great. I will help us a lot.. :) ELance Rocking

wish it was an app that would be great!!!!!!!!!

Elance is number Number 1 site in its category.
I could never continue with other sites after creating accounts with many , cause I'm addicted to high features and qualities of elance.
Great app again.

Excellent, no i can check my jobs on the run
thank you

This is certainly a good effort from the Elance team. Thanks as always

Its Good might be help full....

awesome that's great - I was looking for an elance APP which is basically what this 'mobile site' looks like to me. Thanks

This is awesome! This development was badly needed. :)

this is great, but how about something for blackberry users?

This is why your the top choice among contractors. You just made connecting the easiest it's ever been!

This is would be great for all of us.

Yes! Yes! Yes! I discovered this smashing little development while in the throes of a rather stubborn case of insomnia at 3 am this morning.

I joined Elance late last year and within days had my first assignment. Everything went well until I ran into a few technical snags followed by a serious let down by a subcontractor enlisted to address the backlog my techno-glitches caused. What ensued was a snowball of challenges which demanded my attention and, although I knew I was sold on the Elance concept, I just never managed to pick up where I'd left off.

That is, until 3am this morning. Sleep evaded me like a truant child who hadn't done his homework... Mulling over the nasty climate-change reality of my dwindling resources and a very slippery real-time client who displays chronic commitment issues (i.t.o. defining a brief, agreeing to fee, paying on time and even a honoring his own deadlines!), I lay there in the dark, blank-but-bright-screened phone in hand, completely defeated by the lack of good tidings I could even strangle out of Russell Grant wap site. "What the heck," I thought, why not just have a look and see if I could get onto Elance with my phone. Even if I couldn't bid, at least just getting a snippet of what was happening may jolt me out of the limbo I was in and, worst case was the possibility of a forever-loading-massive-page scenario that would in the least hypnotize me into some sort of excuse for sleep. Boy was I wrong!

I not only logged on in a flash, within minutes I was bidding away to my heart's content and to say the least, by 9am this morning I'd already received feedback from one of the bids I had submitted.

More motivated than ever now, I'm already certain it's going to prove itself an indispensable utility to users in no time at all. Well done Elance! Always 2 steps ahead of the need - here's one application that has hit the ground running!

Awesome initiative :)

Can you confirm if the mobile site would be seen on iPad because it appears as normal site presently

Very cool! Does this mean you'll be abandoning support of the iPhone app?

Fantastic! Something I was waiting for a long time! Great job, Elance!

Thank you!!

I have tried several times over the last few days to use the new mobile www.elance.com. I have an iPhone 4 and when ever I log in I get to the point where it asks the secret question. I answer the correct answer and then it goes back to the sign in page.

Please advise.



However I think I speak for many if I say that an Android / Iphone application would be even more appreciated. It's a safe assumption that most entrepreneurs use smartphones and would be more than happy to see Elance workrooms on the go.

Any chance this works with Blackberry?

Please spend some time on the APP too for the same functionnalities.
Take advantage of notifications(push) in APP for instantaneous alerts on messages, project updates, payments received, due paiements, etc.

Vow! Great idea. Pretty convenient way to get in touch with the workroom. Thanks Elance! I hope something will turn up for tracker work too.

This will definitely increase productivity. Great addition!

thanks.....working mobile from my smartphone helps, I don't like to be trapped to my laptop, this helps people to work on the move, great job!

cool :)

Great news, Does it also work from WM6 / WM6.5 smartphones & pdas ???

Elance should develop a BB app for the same. BB is the most acclaimed business phone in the world.

Really cool

Nice. It would be nice if the iOS app got the same overhaul too.

cool idea, this has been long overdue

Access to a full-featured workroom for contractors would be awesome! Anyway, this is just great!

That is great, BUT you need a Windows 7 Phone App as well!!! Please put that in ASAP! We need it!

I saw the Elance mobile page for Android and iOS and it looks awesome. However just wondering if you have any plan to create a page for Windows Phone as well.