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Client Proposal Selection and Analytics and Identity Verification for Contractors

We’ve introduced several new features to the Elance platform that will give clients more control and insight into two critical parts of their Elance experience—contractor proposal selection and spend history on the platform. Additionally, we’ve rolled out the ability for contractors to verify their online identities and enhance their profiles and proposals to new clients. Look for increased functionality in all of these features in the coming weeks.

Enhanced Proposal Selection Page
Clients who have posted a job will notice improved visual and interactive enhancements on their proposals page that provide a simpler, more intuitive way to take actions on the job such as inviting more candidates, reposting the job, extending time left for proposals, and adding to job descriptions. All of the important details of your job are now in one convenient box at the top of the proposal page—from budget, job type, invited contractors and time left to receive proposals. Additionally, you can track invited candidates in a new tab next to the submitted proposals, and there’s a new interactive global map highlighting the different regions of the world from where you’ve received proposals.


Haven’t found the right contractor for your job? The proposals page now includes the option to manually search our contractor database, invite those on your Watch List, or even contact contractors not yet on the Elance platform by sending them an email invitation. Log in and visit the proposal selection page to explore and use all of the new features.

Tools for Analyzing Your Spend on Elance
We’ve also introduced a new set of analytics tools for clients that allow you to view your payment history and trends by both jobs and contractors, over the date range of your choice. These reports are in a simple, easy-to-understand format, and you can quickly download or print the data as you need. Clients can view these reports under Manage > My Reports in the navigation bar. We will be expanding these reports with additional analytics and rolling out similar functionality for contractors shortly.

Identity Verification for Contractors
All contractors now have the ability to go through a new process to verify your identity. This is a fully compliant, secure, and free global identity verification solution that will enhance your credentials and add to the Elance workplace overall. For contractors who complete the process, you will receive an ID verification seal on your profile, and this will be displayed during proposal selection and on your Elance profile to indicate your verified status.

You can become verified in a secure two-step process; learn more about the process and the benefits here.

Please note that changing your profile photo or your first name and last name may void your ID verification status, and you may have to repeat the verification process.

For additional information, please have a look at our Release Notes here.


Where on this Enhanced Proposal Selection Page does it show buyers that they have pending pre bid questions?

- Daniel B.

Buyers should be aware:
• Identify verification has no bearing on providers' skills, experience, or expertise
• Paid small businesses with a single owner-operator currently have no option to "verify" their businesses.

Over the last seven months, it looks like a major improvement both for Elance clients and the contractors. As far as client concern, they will really like and appreciate the development but for the contractor, it requires some more time to be a popular method specially to those who like the current format for their profile. I think Elance will have to more focus to convince the contractors for their new ID verification method But on the whole it's a great development.

I had a scheduled meeting with the Aristotle ID verification and guess what??? It didn't answer to my messages, nor to my video call !! What is going on, people? We are talking about my time here and it's precious! I don't have one full hour just to fool around here on Skype waiting for that ID identification to show up!! And I can see the user is active, then why is not answering?

i am still in pending verification result. what should i do?
any answers please