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Manufacturing Design of Award-Winning Board Games

Given a background in Electrical Engineering designing semiconductors for Silicon Valley firms, you wouldn’t expect 45-year old Andy Daniel to have a ‘low-tech’ hobby.  But, in fact, Andy has a passion for traditional-style board games, and started his own company, Enginuity, to serve fellow board game enthusiasts.

"Board games are just as engaging as video games, and oftentimes require much more problem solving skills and development, along with being social and matching wits with other players," explained Andy.

To keep the traditional-style board game custom alive, Andy founded Enginuity in 1995.  He then found an offshore manufacturing firm where he could outsource production of his traditional-style wooden and plastic game designs, and the business has been going strong ever since. 

As the company grew, Andy’s board games also became more complex and required tooling.  That’s when he turned to Elance to find a provider that could help him.  In 2005, he hired Elance provider ConnectUTS to design the custom tooling that his offshore manufacturer needed to produce his complex games.  The custom tooling has helped Andy produce the board games more efficiently, lowering costs and growing his business. 

Many of the games, including 3 Stones, Tylz!, and Doubles Wild, are also award-winning with accolades from organizations such as American Mensa, and the National Parenting Publications Awards

Congratulations, Andy, and keep up the good work!