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NY Baby Boomer Launches Embroidery Training Website

At 69 years young and a proud member of the baby boomer generation, Joyce V. Jagger is in no way slowing down.

In fact, she transitioned her offline embroidery business into a web-based consulting service.  Here's how:

Joyce began her foray as a small business owner by starting her own embroidery store and factory in Binghamton, New York, after her youngest daughter went off to college. "My business, Jay Vee Lettering and Monogramming, designed and manufactured embroidered products for home use, as well as for businesses who wanted promotional embroidery for items such as trade show banners, shirts, caps, jackets and table skirts," says Joyce.

Due to a combination of reasons, including her health and her husband's request that she work less, Joyce sold her business in 1998.  But her retirement didn't last long.  "I was at home, retired, and after 3 months, could not stand it anymore.  I had to get back to working," said Joyce. 

In 1998, Joyce came out of retirement to start a new consulting business focused on training new commercial embroidery businesses.  "I am truly motivated by, and have always enjoyed, helping new embroiderers get started in the business," said Joyce. 

And while Joyce's new business was doing very well, she began to tire of all of the traveling required to deliver her consulting services.  "I was spending far too many hours in airports and away from home and my husband," said Joyce.

And that's when the next stage of her business was born:  creating online versions of her training and consulting materials and delivering them on the internet.

As a relative newbie to the internet, Joyce turned to Elance and hired a provider to help her create an eCommerce and video website.  The site, Embroidery Tips and More, launched in September 2007 and houses her training videos and consulting materials.  Since launching the site, Joyce has significantly reduced her time on the road, as well found the time to launch new initiatives, such as hosting monthly webinars to attract new consulting clients.

Joyce's experience demonstrates that any baby boomer, or anyone for that matter can combine a passion - in this case, a love of embroidery - with new technology to create the perfect work-life balance.


Love it Joyce. It lets me know that it is never to late to combined technology with teaching. I am gratiful for your accomplishment.

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