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100 Projects You Can Outsource

With over 150,000 projects posted last year, it’s not surprising that there is great variety in the types of projects that buyers and providers complete on Elance.

To help illustrate the diversity of skilled Elance providers and projects that you can successfully outsource, we compiled a list of 100 distinct Technology, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Legal, Research and Business Planning projects. Small businesses and individuals just like you are literally outsourcing these projects on Elance everyday – and you can too.

We hope this list inspires you the next time you need a new HTML web page developed, a legal contract viewed, a newsletter designed and written or expenses entered into QuickBooks – because there are thousands of qualified Elance providers ready to help you get this work done, enabling you to focus on what you do best.

View 100 projects you can outsource


Is 100 an unique number? :)

Very nice list, Cathy, but I am surprised to see that the Writing category is now part of Sales and Marketing.


Hi HarperCo,
This list is organized slightly differently than the Elance subscription categories, and writing projects are listed in several of the categories on the top 100 projects list.

Thank you, Kathy.

Does this explain why we get "invited" to so many projects that are not in our own "writing and translation" category? If such projects are listed under other categories, writers cannot bid on them.


Noting that the list is sorted different than Elance categories highlights the importance for allowing invited Providers to bid in any category if the are Invited by a Buyer.


With so much to do, and hundreds of people requiring all such sorts to be done, I think recession is an excuse for people who are not ready to dust out their pants to start working rather than to cry over past losses without making novel attempts to get back to their dream money globe!!!

Unemployment? A quarter of it could be definitely burnt! If people sat to work on at least one of the 100 projects!

That was a great homework. Keep going!

Wow that is some list. The possibilities for outsourcing in the world of internet marking are just endless. Thanks so much so putting this together.

This is a GREAT list Cathy! Thanks for giving us all something to think about... it definitely helps spur some additional ideas on how and what to delegate.

wOW ,this is something that I need to know..Great thanks..