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Meet Elance Providers Bob D'Amico and Debbie Feldstein

Elance providers Debbie Feldstein and Bob D’Amico were recently featured on an ABC News segment discussing their experience working on Elance.

Debbie Feldstein (username: Debbie1328) runs a creative writing business and has been an Elance provider since 2000. Bob D’Amico (username: Millennium-Design), an accomplished cartoonist with 30 years of experience in graphic design, has been on Elance since 2004.

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Great story! What I thought to be most interesting was the fact that these were far from your typical “artsy” and/or “nerdy” freelancers (note that these terms do not represent a stereotype as I am including myself in the generalization…lol). This clearly demonstrates the wide scope of individuals that can benefit from Elance. Without insulting either of these fine folks, the interviewer did point out that Debbie had been copywriting for 26 years, coincidentally the same number of years I’ve been on planet earth ;-). It's no secret that there is a stigma associated with this generation becoming overwhelmed when attempting to manage a free email account, let alone nearly 200k in freelance transactions. So if this isn’t a testament to the ease of use of the system, then their isn’t one…keep up the good work Bob and Debbie!

That was a nice interview with Debbie and Bob. It's great to see Elancers on the news!
I think it would be really helpful to providers just getting started on Elance to maybe have Debbie (for the Writers) and Bob give advice on what they did to build their businesses, from what they think is most effective in terms of bidding, to how they organize their day (for example, do they set aside certain hours to bid and respond to interviews - do they do interviews on the phone or just through PMB, then do they set aside other hours to work on awarded projects, etc)?
Congrats to both on their success freelancing.