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Start Up Company Finds Help on Elance

Meet Carel Bekker, a technology expert, business consultant and Elance buyer, who left a corporate job to start his own strategy consulting firm, Beyond438. Beyond438 helps European and South African companies start business operations in the U.S.

“When I started Beyond438, all of a sudden, I didn’t have all of the nice infrastructure I was used to having while working for my former employer,” said Carel.

Like many start up business owners and entrepreneurs, Carel needed help with a variety of projects ranging from research and writing to programming. That’s when he turned to Elance.

Carel visited Elance shortly after starting Beyond438. “My initial aim was to find a virtual assistant, but I found that it was more productive for me to find someone for specific projects.”

The first few projects Carel posted on Elance were research projects that helped him identify leads and learn more details about his target market. He then started to post projects in the writing category, and just recently completed a programming project where an Elancer created a customized WordPress template for his blog.

Working with Elance providers enables Carel to focus on what he does best – business development.

“With Elance I can focus on my strengths and allow Elance service providers to focus on their strengths. This way I am more productive and get a lot more done,” said Carel. “It’s also about opportunity cost. I’d rather spend my time closing a $100,000 deal versus saving a few dollars designing my own Wordpress template.”