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New Tools To Evaluate, Interview and Hire Your Service Provider

We are excited to announce the latest product release to the Elance community. The primary goal of this release is to optimize the evaluation, interviewing and hiring process for buyers (and in turn, leading to successful award outcomes for our providers.)

For more detail, view the release notes from this product release.

Video Tutorial
View the short video tutorial to see the new ways buyers evaluate proposals, interview and hire providers.


Dear Ms. Song,

As wonderful as all of these new features are for a buyer, what about making things easier for the provider? It has been quite obvious to me that Elance is more buyer focused than provider focused and most changes or upgrades made in the system are to the benefit of the buyer. We have all learned to live with it yet there is one thing, one simple thing that Elance can do to help providers which in turn will also help buyers, and that is to monitor project descriptions.

We as providers waste, and yes, I do mean "waste", valuable time reading poorly prepared project descriptions which do not contain the necessary details. This is most prominent in the Writing/Translation sections. We regularly see thing as mundane as "I need an ebook written on subject X. I look forward to your bids." Does the buyer want the ebook in a certain format? How many pages do they estimate for the ebook? What kind of time frame are they hoping for completion?

The same can be said for editing. We want to know how many words/ pages and etc. We now have to leave a message asking for more details and then check back and keep checking back until the buyer answers. That is valuable time that could be better used actually working on a project.

Elance can easily develop mandatory templates for each of the various professional areas. This would save time for the buyer, having to answer obvious questions and providers having to spend valuable time leaving questions and then checking back for responses. It is a win - win for both parties and ties up the Elance website less as well.

Thanks for listening ....

Hello there -
Yes - we wholeheartedly agree that informative and accurate project descriptions is essential.  Providers can better assess the needs of the project and buyers will receive better proposals.
To help develop the best project description templates, we are asking for your input.  Please see this forum posting -- asking for your help.  http://www.elance.com/p/node/2927
You can submit your suggestions to projectdescription@elance.com.  We will take the best sample project descriptions per Category/Subcategory and update our site to make those available to buyers.
Thanks for writing in!
Elance Product Management