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Celebrating Newly Hired Provider Jamie Good

Meet Jamie Good (username: jamie_seger) – a new Elance provider who was recently hired to complete her first project.

Jamie joined Elance last month to earn additional income for her family. With a career background in education and a degree in Social Science Education, Jamie was focused on finding freelance writing projects that she could complete while working from home.  

“I thought I would give Elance a try." After only a few days of being a member and submitting two bids under a Basic membership, Jamie was awarded her first project.  She was hired to write a series of educational college preparation articles for young college bound children and their parents.

Jamie credits being awarded this project to the time she put into personalizing her profile and being selective in the projects she bid on. “I really just sat down and took time to make sure everything was included in my profile. I was really thorough and included all my background information and experience. I also think having a picture of myself really helped. It’s more personal than a company logo.”

Jamie’s advice to other new providers is to, “Make sure you take the time to be thorough and only bid on projects that fit your experience. Don’t waste your Connects on projects just because they seem fun or exciting. My background in education and parenting won me my first project.”

“Elance brought in the extra money that I needed to support my family. I want to be a good role model for my children. I want to show them that I can branch out of my comfort zone and try a new experience and do it successfully,” Jamie explains.

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Hello Rupa,
Thank you for the article on one of your newer providers. My wife also recently "retired" early in order to stay at home with our 2 young children.

Can Jamie give any advice on how she balances working freelance and having the time to take care of her children? For example, does she have any help at home to watch her children when she's working on freelance writing projects, or does she have to wait until they're asleep (afternoon nap times and at night)?

Hopefully sites like these will help give more moms the opportunity to work from home instead of the painful decision to leave their children in order to supplement the family income.

Hello!  Your question is a great one and I would be happy to elaborate on how I balance my writing time with the demands of my family. I too was afraid of not having enough hours in the day for my "day jobs", taking care of two kids (one of which just turned nine months old this week), keeping house, etc. However, I have a wonderful support system behind me which includes my soon-to-be husband, my mother, and future mother-in-law. With their support plus good management of the "free time" I have in the evenings and on weekends, I'm able to squeeze in my writing between all the other demands in my life. I try to spend at least a half hour three nights during the workweek on Elance activities. That may not sound like much to some - but I put those 30 minutes to good use by focusing on communicating with my buyer and then working on the actual project. If I have more free time, then I will browse other projects. I also alotte a few hours on either Saturdays or Sundays (but not both) to work on my project. This way, I don't feel like I'm giving up my entire weekend and have time to spend with the kids. And yes, I do try to work on the project while the kids are napping or after they go to bed. (The house is much quieter. ;) I hope that helps answer your question.

Glad I read your interesting and honest comments on at-home work! I felt good before I read it and better afterwards. Well done and good luck! Lonewordsmith