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Focus on iPhone - iPhone App Developer Finds Business on Elance

Part 1 of 3

This is the first of a three part series focused on the development of applications for the Apple iPhone. We start the series with a spotlight on Nick Dalton (username: 360mind), an iPhone SDK application expert and author of 101 iPhone Tips and Tricks.

What is an iPhone SDK expert, you ask? An iPhone SDK specialist is a programmer who can design and create applications – similar to downloadable games or widgets for other cell phones – but specifically for iPhone users. The SDK (software development kit) released by Apple in March, opens the iPhone platform to development by third party developers.

Back to Nick's story...

Nick joined Elance in March 2008 to take advantage of the newly released iPhone SDK and develop iPhone applications for Elance buyers. Since March, Nick has completed more than 10 iPhone application projects, and has three more currently in development. Nick employs three full-time developers and plans to expand by hiring two more later this month.

“With the upcoming release of the Apple Applications Store for iPhone users, everybody wants applications developed and delivered before June,” said Nick. “I feel like a tax accountant – getting everything done by April 15th.”

Even though Nick is an accomplished programmer with 20 years of enterprise development experience, he is now 100% focused on developing iPhone applications for Elance customers. “The iPhone SDK was released on March 6th and on that same afternoon people started calling me with requests to write applications for them,” Nick said. “I get more than one project invite per day for iPhone work on Elance,” Nick explains.

How does Nick get iPhone jobs?

1. Nick is certified as an iPhone developer on Elance. Learn how to take the iPhone skills test 

2. Nick optimized his Elance profile for iPhone SDK projects so that it appears at the top of iPhone searches for buyers. His profile also highlights his 15+ year background as an enterprise software architect, completing consulting work for companies such as Toyota.com, Mazdausa.com and Nissanusa.com.

3. During the proposal process, Nick over communicates. “You really have to over communicate with your potential clients. If something is unclear, you have to get to the bottom of it right away so both parties are in agreement about what should be done, and whether I’m the right person for the job,” Nick explains.

Stay tuned for parts two and three of the Apple iPhone series, where we will highlight several of the new iPhone applications built for Elance buyers and tips to help you develop your own iPhone application.