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New Apple iPhone Applications Unveiled

Part 3 of 3

In parts one and two of our Apple iPhone blog series, we highlighted Elance service provider Nick Dalton (username: 360mind), an iPhone SDK specialist, and provided tips on how you can have an iPhone application built via Elance. In this third and final part of the series, we highlight iPhone applications developed on Elance. Check out these great apps recently developed:

1. KidsCards
KidsCards, the brainchild of entrepreneur Mark Hanusz and 7-month old son, Avi, is an educational flash card application designed for children ages 1 - 3 years old. The application uses the Core Animation framework and allows iPhone owners (or their children) to flick through the flash cards, with categories such as letters or colors, using the familiar iPhone touch screen.

“My son loves to play with my iPhone, and I thought what better way to leverage this natural curiosity than to create an educational program for the iPhone just for kids his age?” said Mark.

The first version of KidsCards has 150 different images that flip from an image to the spelled out word, making it easy for children to learn new colors, words and numbers. Later versions of the application will include Cover Flow-like navigation, additional categories and images, sounds, and the ability to customize the lists with the user’s own images.

2.  Shadows Never Sleep
Shadows Never Sleep, developed by student Aya Karpinska for her Master's Thesis at Brown University, is a children's story that leverages the multi-touch feature of the iPhone to create a truly interactive reading experience. When browsing the story, readers can zoom in on the images and text.

"My thesis concerns the impact of digital technology on storytelling. When a child starts to read on her own, her first books are multimedia, combining written words and images. I began by writing traditional stories on paper, then a picture book, and finally I designed a story for a different sort of handheld device—not a book, but an iPhone."

Shadows Never Sleep is Aya's first iPhone application, and she plans to publish additional stories for the Apple App Store later this year.

If you have ever travelled to Japan, you are no doubt familiar with kanji - the Japanese script derived from Chinese characters. When you were there, you probably carried around a dictionary to help you identify and translate kanji characters to English.

But soon, if you have an iPhone, you can use SKIPPY, a new application to do the identification and translation for you. SKIPPY is based on Jack Halpern’s Kanji Learner’s Dictionary – SKIP stands for System of Kanji Indexing by Patterns. The application works like the Alarm Clock function on the iPhone - using picker wheels to choose the kanji code according to the stroke count and the shape according to Halpern’s popular skip look-up method. The application then pulls the dictionary definition from the database and displays it on your screen.

Mark Lee Ford, President of the Moneo Company, worked with an Elance provider to develop SKIPPY. “SKIPPY started as an informal, grassroots project to help with our daily language needs in Japan. Everyday, we encounter kanji that we do not understand in the form of ads, posters, etc. We want to find the definition of the kanji quickly and conveniently – an iPhone version of Halpern’s SKIP method is the key."

4.  iWallpaper
Ready to personalize your iPhone? Check out iWallpaper, an application that allows iPhone users to download and install wallpaper onto their iPhone. With iWallpaper, Elance buyer Mike Merrill opened up a new distribution channel for his mobile content business, Smartphones Technologies, Inc.

Smartphones is already a publisher of ringtones and wallpaper to wireless carriers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and Boost. As an iTunes publisher, Smartphones has more than 500 full track downloads on iTunes, which can be converted to ringtones for the iPhone.

“Since AT&T’s Media Mall is not available to iPhone customers, we wanted to make sure they still had the opportunity to personalize their iPhone by downloading their favorite wallpaper,” Mike explained. “iWallpaper features an extensive library of wallpapers from artists and designers around the globe, and we hope to have iWallpaper available in the Apple App Store when it launches.”

Smartphones worked with three different Elance providers to create iWallpaper - a graphic designer to create the logo and design, an iPhone developer to build the application, and a third developer to build the back end database, XML and admin controls.

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Can you please note the Elance Developers who made each application please. They well deserve the credit.

Shadows Never Sleep was programmed by Nick Dalton of 360mind. He was fantastic to work with!

The KidsCards application was developed by Nick Dalton (360mind). Nick is highly professional and highly recommended.

Mr. Dalton understands the implications of the technology well. Equally as important, he is able to refine the requirements with precision. He manages his development projects by-the-book, which reduces risk for us. We will engages him on future projects.

I have a skyppy but have not used it, it can save money ,but i have not any speakers .