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Elancers Help Create a New Kind of "Iceberg"

Business partners and Elance buyers Wayne Byrne and Robert Byrne found Elancers to help create software tailored to cut development time for programmers. The software, Iceberg, is essentially an application development platform that allows anyone to create custom-built business software, giving its users programming capabilities with a point and click interface.

Wayne and Robert began development of Iceberg in 2001 and continued over the course of four years – outsourcing parts of the development to Elancers.

“We’ve used Elance from the very beginning and have had portions of our application built by Elance service providers. We started by posting a few projects and found some great freelancers who did amazing work for us,” Wayne said.

"Elance has been useful for so many different projects," Wayne explained. "Early on, we wanted to make a tool in Flash that would allow you to draw lines between objects like Visio – it had never been done before. We found an Elance provider, Zfort, who was able to build it,” Wayne shares.  Wayne and Robert also hired Elance Provider, Wanda Carrie (username: wandacarrie), who provided the voiceover for a ten-minute flash video for the product.

With the help of Elance providers, Iceberg has grown into a robust application platform, enabling developers to work faster - creating more advanced applications in shorter periods of time. As a developer, you're able to deliver prototypes of an application to go along with your project bid in the same amount of time as it would take to write a detailed proposal. Also available on the site – a growing directory of free applications that you can download and install easily.

Wayne and Robert plan to use Elance in the future for various projects including application development for Iceberg's application directory.


Hi Rupa,

Thanks for the great article, I enjoyed the interview and I look forward to helping excellent Elance developers deliver more faster!


Wayne Byrne
Fractis Ltd