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Web Designer Reaches New Clients

Meet Ketan Sethi (username: EyeForWeb), a talented web designer and small business owner who joined Elance to reach new clients.

Ketan founded his web design business as a freelancer in 2004. Prior to getting into web design, Ketan worked for renowned news channel like Zee News and DD News as a 3D animator and graphic designer. While working for Zee News, Ketan became fascinated with web design.

Ketan eventually left his position at Zee News and began studying HTML and CSS on his own with the ultimate goal of starting a web design business. “I had always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and when I found I was passionate about web design, I knew this was my chance,” Ketan said.

Ketan committed the first few years of his business to building his design portfolio by taking on small, simple projects to gain experience.

After building his portfolio, Ketan started the next phase of building his business – adding new skills and capabilities. He rapidly improved his knowledge base with Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, Custom CMS development and ecommerce apart from designing banners, logos, flash animations, landing pages, etc. “I added these new skills to my resume because I wanted to take on more and higher paying jobs.”

He then formed his company e-Scapes in 2007. EyeForWeb is the brand under which e-Scapes does all web designing and development.

Having successfully added several new skills to his toolkit, Ketan embarked on the third phase of his business – expanding his client base. That’s when he joined Elance.

With an impressive portfolio in hand, Ketan was able to find quality projects to work on and now has regular clients through Elance. “I have always been serious about what I do, and now, working on Elance means I am submitting proposals for work along with the cream of the crop in my industry,” Ketan said.

Ketan has an office in New Delhi where he manages his team of full-time designers and coders – four in-house employees and eight more who work outside of the office. Since starting on Elance in April, Ketan’s team has already completed 23 web design and programming projects.

Ketan is now planning the next stage of his business – expanding his team to 50+ members and continuing his work on Elance.

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Nice Ketan. Keep it up.

i also tried him in rac....it was a pritty good exp. he is fast.


Hi Ketan,

You really inspired me a lot.. I was also looking to start my own business but could not start and still working as an employee with around 5 yrs of experience now.

I could not start my business sure to the fear that in case i could not survive then how i will run my family as i am the only source of earning for my family.

I am really inspired and want to start my own web designing firm now. But still their is some fear. But i hope i will recover from it and will start as soon as possible..

Best of Luck for your future and keep it up.


Hi Ketan,

Good work . keep it up. This is really the essence and beauty of Elance.


hey buddy,
good work, keep it up

Hello Ketan,

Your article is very inspiring .I am a self taught Graphic designer.Having a Degree in painting helped but eventually I have moved on to Graphics side of it.

People like you motivate others who want to take a different stride in life.

Wish you the very best of luck.


Congratulations! I can identify with you as that's exactly how I started out and am heading towards. Perhaps I need a write up too :)

Well done, Ketan. Inspiring !