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Get Prepped with Patrick O'Malley

Elance buyer Patrick O'Malley founded his business, Get Prepped, in 1999. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Get Prepped offers courses on campuses nationwide to help law school applicants prepare for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT).

Get Prepped was born while Patrick was in law school and tutoring prospective law students. Soon thereafter, his entrepreneurial instinct kicked in and he decided to start a business focused on helping potential law school students prepare for the LSAT.

Since Patrick was still in law school and lacked time to start a new business on his own, he turned to Elance to get his new business off the ground.

He hired Elance web and programming providers to create his website, posting jobs for database development, web programming and PHP form creation. He also hired Elancers for administrative support in data entry and proofreading.

Once Get Prepped was up and running, Patrick began posting and awarding search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) jobs to drive traffic to his newly created website. Since then, he has continued to hire Elancers for various web, programming, proofreading and SEO projects. He has most recently hired new Elance Provider Mostafa Mahmoud (username: arabian4ever) as an SEO consultant.

“The nice thing about Elance is that it’s one place where you can go to find a lot of different skills,” Patrick explains. “Without Elance, I would have had to skip out on a lot of projects. Because of Elance, I was able to get my website created and all my projects completed to create a more efficient business.”

“I depend on Elance to get a lot of work done,” said Patrick. “I hire people from all over the world that have the expertise that I’m looking for and are available to do the job right away and get it done on time. It’s difficult to have that type of infrastructure elsewhere – even with a part-time employee.”