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Give a Little, Help a Lot

If you could easily donate a few cents at every online purchase you make, wouldn’t you do it? Dan Quigley, founder of Change Round-Up, believes that you would – and has used Elance to help create a way to make it happen.

We asked Dan how his company works: “Change Round-Up is an online version of the spare change jar. When someone is making an online purchase, during the checkout process they are asked to round their total up to the nearest dollar, and donate the extra change to their favorite charity.”

The idea came to Dan while he was watching an advertisement asking for donations for children. “I wanted to help those kids, but I didn’t do anything. It wasn’t the money that stopped me, it was the timing – it wasn’t convenient for me to pick up the phone and call,” Dan explained. “With Change Round-Up, we make it easy and convenient to donate money.”

After hearing about Elance through a friend, Dan joined the community and began by hiring Elance Provider, Heather (username: wdb0911), for a research and data mining project. It was a lot easier for him to hire on a project basis than to look for a qualified full-time or part-time employee.

“With Elance, we like being able to find people that have the specific skills needed for each project. It seems very basic but being from a rural area, quality professionals willing to work on ad-hoc projects can be hard to find. Elance has been perfect for our company.”

Since joining Elance last year, Dan has hired many providers for projects in web and market research, artwork cleanup, banner ad creation and data entry.

“Elance has made a significant difference in our company,” Dan explains. “The cost savings shine through - hiring on demand saves us a lot of time and money.”