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Elance Buyer 'Invests' in Website

Ram Palaniappan is a successful entrepreneur with a special interest in financial markets. His latest venture, Xearn.com, was an idea born out of his own personal passion for the stock market.

Xearn.com is a website community where you can create a mock stock market portfolio based on actual stock prices. There is no real money behind the stocks – but you can choose to charge a subscription fee for others to view your portfolio.

It took Ram about one year to get Xearn up and running after having struggled to find quality employees in his local area. Potential employees were reluctant to take the risk to join a company that lacked revenue. He found that when he hired people on a part-time basis – they were not as reliable as he would have liked, and would not get the work done.

Ram needed an alternative source for finding qualified professionals, so he turned to Elance to find providers to help him get work done. “When I first discovered Elance, I posted a small test project to see how the site worked,” said Ram. “I quickly connected with talented providers and was able to use the tools Elance provides to manage projects effectively. This gave me confidence that I could successfully manage remote employees,” Ram said.

Managing remote employees via Elance was a departure from Ram’s usual routine of face-to-face contact and in-person visits. He wanted to venture out and give remote work a chance, so he used Elance chat, Private Message Board (PMB), emails and phone calls to manage projects with his providers.

“By using the Elance tools, I was able to successfully hire providers and get projects completed,” said Ram.

Ram hired Elance provider, Xicom Technologies (username: -xicom-) to design the Xearn website which is now up and running. The business is going strong, and Ram recently rehired Xicom Technologies for additional web design work. “There’s always something to add to the Xearn website and I can count on Elance to help me find providers like Xicom to get work done.”