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4 Reasons To Consider Mother Nature When You’re Next Hiring

Yes, Earth Day is officially upon us. Which means it’s once again time to pay homage to Mother Nature, by swapping out inefficient light bulbs and adopting rain forests. But as you get back to work after hitting that “green” happy hour, are there even more ways to help the environment while building your business.

As an Elancer, you know that one way to comfort and nurture Mother Nature is by hiring a remote freelancer. You’ll be surprised (perhaps amazed?) at how environmentally friendly online workers are. Here are 4 reasons why hiring a remote worker will make a huge impact on our global footprint:

1. Fuel savings

Today an estimated 4% of the population works remotely, but it’s estimated that 40% could do so easily without the slightest performance impact. If all 40% worked remotely, in the US alone we could save 587 million barrels of oil annually. That’s a lot.

2. Cost savings

Similarly, with 40% working remotely, as a nation the US could easily save over $40 billion at the pump.

3. Greenhouse gas reduction

As long as we’re on the subject, an increase in remote work would significantly decrease greenhouse gases. How much? Think 101 million metric tons of CO2 per year.

4. Infrastructure relief

Across the globe we’ll save billions annually by taking the pressure off aging roads and transportation services used by commuters.

Yes, Mother Nature will thank you. And your teams will thank you too. Why? Because they’ll be smiling as well from working wherever. So on your next project, when you’re thinking about bringing that web programmer or graphic designer into your work space to have face time, think again. Hire a freelancer and allow them to work remotely. You’ll love it, your worker will love it, and Mother Nature will love you both.

Happy Earth Day!



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