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40 Big Idea Competition Semifinalists Selected, Preparing For Next Round On January 30th. Join Us!

Thanks to the 800+ startups and small businesses who entered our Elance Big idea Competition. The submissions were incredible, and narrowing the field was next to impossible for our judges. But after much discussion and deliberation we’ve now selected the 40 Semifinalists who’ll advance to the next round.

Without further ado, here are the 40 Semifinalists!Elance Big Idea Competiton badge

New York City:

Francine W., Airsafe Carryon

Aaron R., Hunger Construction

Bruce K., Metis LLC

Rasheid S., Smarter Vote

Sean O., TextPride


Jacques A., Commogri, Inc.

Anthony N., Liven It Up Events

Colin B., Pronto Plate

Dominic B., savvo digital sommelier solutions

Michelle K.

San Francisco:

Andrea F., Hive Network

Nicu L., Ironzilla

Grace W., Kiko Labs

Jack Y., Reputology

Evelyn H., Roonga, Inc.


Chris P., Cally

Gordon M., Cirro Labs Ltd

Gary M., eCommWeb Limited

Nidhima K., MyBeautyCompare

Leke B., SignTech Paperless Solutions


Mads E., Ateo

Carlos G., Discue

Nicolai L., DIVE.in

Mikael T., Labster

David D., M-PAYG


Mathieu S., Cipasso

Sergiej R., CleanAgents

Bas K., Glean

Luca M., GruvIt

Polina M., umoli UG (haftungsbeschränkt)


George O., Blueteq

Claire D., Buzz Movie Makers

Nathan G., Servomate

Simon W., SwyftPay

Luke E., Yohkoe


Yu A., Explorer Junior

Ivan R., Hook

Alexei C., Newzmate, Inc.

Lawrence Y., Purifyy

Reto L., Testing Time

Congratulations to those moving on and thanks again to everyone who threw their hat in the ring. You knocked our socks off.

Next steps for competitors (and for you).

If you love watching a heated contest, circle Thursday, January 30th on your calendar. That’s when Elance and our local partners will host live events at seven cities around the globe (there will also be a “wildcard” contest for those unable to personally attend one of our competitions, where you can help choose the winning Finalist … stay tuned for details).

Each live event will feature five local Semifinalists battling it out, pitching their ideas. But only one startup will advance to the Finals from each region! Plus there will also be speakers, prizes (from us and from local sponsors), refreshments, networking and a good time had by one and all. Each region’s Finalist will also win an Apple iPad from Elance, further sweetening the pot. Here’s where to register to attend your local event:

Attend New York City competition

Attend Chicago competition

Attend San Francisco competition

Attend London competition

Attend Copenhagen completion

Attend Berlin competition

Attend Melbourne competition

Between now and January 30th our 40 Semifinalists will be using their $2,500 in Elance credits they earned to build-out their Big Ideas. Which means each pitch will be meaty and complete – with real examples of what’s possible with a great idea and the savvy to hire online freelancers. It’s sure to be exciting, as each region will select one winner who will advance to the February 6 online final.

Congrats to all our Semifinalists! Use the links above to register, and we’ll see you at a local competition near you later this month.



I am not selected but I would like congratulate all semifinalist.

Thanks Elance to organize these kinds of Completion

It is amazing what took place and what will then make that very appealing.
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Congratulations to those who got selected....

Congrats!!! Guys just rock it.

I am not selected but thanks to Elance for inspiring me thinking for this type of idea..

I always participate in every competitions in Elance but never selected or winned,but I am trying, I will surely win one day...


Thank you for this great competition Elance. I can't wait to get started with our idea for www.dive.in :-)
We have a lot of plans and this is a great way for us to get some of them off the ground.

Dear competitors, congratulations!!! Great ideas are amazing but the next step is to put the petal to the metal and make a sustainable business. Feel free to get in contact with Vermillion Sky so that we can show you exactly how to successfully execute and build your product.

Congrats again!


The ideas and what is the best possible future development is recorded by the talented and who can bring new breath.
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Congratulations to all competitors.

Thanks for the great opportunity, Elance! You have gotten us moving faster than every before.
We will have great stuff to show you in NYC on January 30!

www.metisllc.com - download some of our free software to see what we will be doing on the web in January.

Sorry Richno.com didn't win...but it was thrilling at the prospects of winning anyway...... and I congratulate the winners and admire E
lance for the benificent idea. I wish the winners every success in the world.


I am not selected but I would like congratulate all semifinalist.

Thanks Elance to organize these kinds of Completion

Checkout one of the 5 Worldwide Wildcard Semifinalists.
And be a part of Hook community :) www.hook.its.me


I like Elance very much.
I love Elance.

Congratulations to the Semifinalists, and all participants. Good for Elance!

Congrats to all.

congratulation all semifinals.

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