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5 + 1 Questions With Elance Staffer, Andrii Olefirenko.

1. What’s your job here at Elance?

 Answer: I’m a software engineer, primarily responsible for what happens on Elance after a client and freelancer find each other. This includes payments, timesheets, Tracker, tax compliance and many other things that we collectively call the “Online Workplace.”

2. What do you like most about working at Elance?

 Answer:  Apart from obvious things a web programmer finds appealing in a Silicon Valley company with a startup mentality, I really like the impact that Elance does in our niche. Elance is different from many other innovative businesses, which are mostly about entertaining users. Elance does one thing and does it well – it facilitates online work across the globe. Online work is one of the things that turn the Web into something more serious than just place to share kitten pictures with friends. The online work market is still at its early stage so Elance and our users are early adopters – pioneers of this new disruptive trend. It’s exciting to be among them.

3. How do you Work Differently?

Answer:  Maybe somewhat contrary to expectations, I really prefer the office to do my job. Of course, if required, I can work from some remote tropical beach too (and I did that in the past). But office space, if done right, can be a great enabler for me. Minimal setup: desk, chair, computer – that’s pretty much all I need.  I also use a plain paper notepad to write task lists and draw designs, but it mostly serves as a concentration tool.

4. What songs are now on heavy rotation as you’re working-away?

 Answer: Whenever I listen to music at work it’s usually something simple, to the point of being ambient. Currently it’s Chromatics “Tick of The Clock”.

5. When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?

Answer: I enjoy time to be with my beautiful family. Also, a good book is my popular pastime since childhood. And of course, I take the opportunity to hike and enjoy the gorgeous California scenery to the fullest (redwood forests are the best).

6. (Bonus question!) OK, ask yourself anything. No subject is off the table.

My question and answer:  What did you do before joining Elance?

I actually was using to Elance to run my small consulting firm in Singapore. And one of my clients was Elance itself. At some point Elance became my biggest client and that’s how I ended up working full time. They do eat their own dog food.



So many questions have been answered here. Thus lots of information is gained. I am really glad to read such things here.
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Great story! We Studio Domingos, we work hard every day to overcome us and reach all our goals.
Congratulations Andrii!!