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5 + 1 Questions With Elance Staffer, Hyun Lee.

1. What’s your job here at Elance?

 Answer: I’m a Product Manager with a focus on the job management and payments areas of Elance. I work with our Designers and Engineers to develop and deliver features and experiences that delight our users.

2. What do you like most about working at Elance?

 Answer: It has to be the people I work with, as I spend so much time with our great team. If they weren’t so much fun to be around, I wouldn’t have stayed here for the last 5 years. A very close second is the difference Elance is making in people’s lives. It’s fulfilling to unlock the opportunities, for both businesses and freelancers, that were previously unavailable to them.

3. How do you Work Differently?

Answer: I Work Differently by actually coming into the office on “work from home” days. I live only few miles away from the office so it’s really easy for me to come in, and those days working in a very quiet office are my most productive days.

4. What songs are now on heavy rotation as you’re working-away?

 Answer: I listen to all types of music indiscriminately. Hip Hop, Country, K-Pop and more! But last few days, I have been listening to Maroon 5 a lot.

5. When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?

Answer: I like to squeeze in a round of golf whenever I can. Although my score doesn’t really reflect how much I enjoy the sport, it helps me to clear my head and is a great way to release stress.

6. (Bonus question!) OK, ask yourself anything. No subject is off the table.

My question: What part of your day to day work do you enjoy the most?

Answer: The part of the job I enjoy the most is the opportunity I have to speak to our users on a regular basis. These conversations help me to validate our new designs, as well as spurs me to change directions. It really helps me to keep my ear to the ground and understand our users.



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