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5 + 1 Questions With Elance Staffer, Katrin Hippler.

1. What’s your job here at Elance?


Being a part of our European Elance team I am based in Oslo, Norway. As Talent Marketing Manager, Europe, I am managing our worldwide team of Mobilizers who conduct trainings for freelancers in how to build a career online and show entrepreneurs how to find the right freelancers for their projects.

Besides that I also get to travel quite a bit, mainly within Europe, speaking at events, conferences and meetups to spread the word about Elance.

2. What do you like most about working at Elance?


At Elance our whole team is passionate about what we are doing and it is very rewarding to see that we have the opportunity to change individual’s lives. It’s also nice to broaden my mind, and working together with people who share my passion and vision about how to Work Differently would not have been possible if it wasn’t for Elance. All in all, I love being part of a great team and pioneering the new way of working.

3. How do you Work Differently?


I enjoy the variety: Most of the time I work from our new office in Oslo. However the best ideas and new inspirations I usually get when I’m away from my desk (on the train to work, the lounge area of our office or during travels to events or conferences). I also like my to-do-lists on paper – they keep me structured and help with prioritizing the things I am working on.

4. What songs are now on heavy rotation as you’re working-away?


I enjoy music in all forms, however, while working I am more of the “I-like-it-calm-and-quiet” type as this is when I concentrate best.

5. When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?


I love traveling, especially exploring my new home Norway (I am originally from Germany). Now that summer is slowly approaching, I like spending as much time outdoors as I can, enjoying bright summer nights by the fjord, hiking tours in the Norwegian woods, weekend trips with the motorcycle and a tent, finding the best swimming spot at the Oslo fjord, laughing with friends or sometimes just reading a good book.

6. (Bonus question!) OK, ask yourself anything. No subject is off the table.

My question and answer:

Katrin, I’d like to learn more about the Elance Mobilizer Program you’ve mentioned. How can I join your team?

Great question! Yes, we are continuously looking for Mobilizers to join our team in all parts of the world. If you are passionate about the new way of working, enjoy hosting workshops and organizing events, check out our Mobilizer info page.