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5 + 1 Questions With Elance Staffer, Nenad Molerovich.

1. What’s your job here at Elance?

Answer: As Director of Online Marketing, I lead all efforts to make sure clients and freelancers find us when searching the web. Another huge part of the job is to really understand who our users are and how to serve them better.

2. What do you like most about working at Elance?

Answer: I have to tell you a story first, and I'll try to keep it short. Before working at Elance I was a freelancer making a living through Elance.

I still remember the day when my fiancĂ©e quit her job at Microsoft in Seattle, sold everything she owned, and moved to Macedonia to start a family with me. On that same day, the Macedonian company I was doing online marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for suddenly stopped paying everyone’s salary without any explanation. I had to do something and fast. A friend mentioned there was a site where you could work online jobs and make a decent living. I decided to not just try Elance, but to make it work for me. I figured if it can work for others then it can work for me as well.

Long story short, I got my first job and made just $50. Three months later I made the equivalent of 9 months of salary.

I still have that feeling of freedom whenever I see the word "Elance". I know that no matter where I am, I can still survive. For the first time in human history you don't have to live in a prosperous and developed country to have access to great jobs. Now you can grow your expertise and make a decent living from anywhere in the world. That's pretty powerful.

So, to answer the question, helping people and companies understand this opportunity is what I like most about working at Elance.

3. How do you Work Differently?

Answer: I work from home when I feel it's more productive, but I like being dynamic and changing my scenery every day. One good habit I’ve developed is to stay focused on what I'm doing in the moment no matter what is happening around me. In addition to that, I'm not afraid to fail and I love to learn, so I am always trying new things. 

4. What songs are now on heavy rotation as you’re working-away?

Answer: Oh man this is a bit embarrassing to admit, but I find Pink Floyd drowns out any distractions at work. (Editor’s note: Nothing wrong with rockin’ The Floyd)

5. When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?

Answer: I enjoy spending time with my 2 toddlers and my gorgeous wife. There is nothing better than hanging out with my family on a beautiful day in our backyard, but I do enjoy getting out and blowing off some steam biking or beating people at basketball or soccer.

6. (Bonus question!) OK, ask yourself anything. No subject is off the table.

My question and answer: 

So Nenad, any tips on how to be a successful freelancer on Elance?


1. Focus on one skill you are really good at (or you want to be good at). For example, I was doing online marketing which includes PPC, SEO, SMM, email marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. But I choose to brand myself as a PPC expert only, and after that all of the projects I got were PPC. That helped establish me as an expert in one field.

2. Over deliver. Remember that if you want long-term success you’ve got to offer real value and be better than other candidates. Do your due diligence, research the top 10 freelancers in your category and see why they are in the top.

3. Learn every day and adapt. Being a top freelancer in your category is a process. There is a learning curve where you need to figure out how to brand yourself, how to write a proposal, how to do a good job, how to communicate with your client, how to ask for a review, etc. You can’t do a mediocre job and expect great results. So stand out from the crowd and claim what is yours. It might take some time but it’ll come.

4. Ask for a review after every project. This creates credibility and trust, and builds your brand.



Hi. My name is Valerie Klaassen. I am new to Elance, and I am starting out and looking for online work as a part-time Freelancer. I am just getting started, and it will take me a while to get use to this, but I will get there one day at a time. I will wait until I get home to finish with doing my profile in order for me to get started on this, because Internet Explorer on my computer at work does not really work too good. I have Firefox on my laptop notebook computer at home to complete my profile on the Find Jobs Section with Elance. Thank you very much.

Really a nice story.
We at Studio Domingos, we share the great desire to do great works and help people around the world.
With these goals grow every day here at Elance, doing great works for great people.

My name is Divine and I am looking for a Free Lance Job in Youth consultancy and really wish to be successful.

Good and nice post.......

Thanks & regards

Hi Nenad,

Inspirational story, thanks.

I second your comment regarding the 'freedom' that working via the Elance channel provides.

There is also the "great irony".

Most people associate freelancing with uncertainty, "feast or famine employment", sporadic income etc.

My experience over the past 18 months, and since I began freelancing has been totally the opposite. No longer do I have work under the constant threat of downsizing, retrenchments due to economic slumps etc. I now actually enjoy a relatively more stable work environment that is dependent only on the effort I am prepared to expend, the client portfolio that I am building and the price I charge for services rendered. I am in control of my current and future "job prospects" , I am in command of the amount of money I make..

The greatest "freedom" I have ever enjoyed in my working life.


Thanks for all your valuable advice, Nenad. And thanks for sharing your Elance experience with us.

My name is Candice and I've been with Elance for about four months and haven't had alot of sucess. I've changed my proposal price added more writing to my portfolio and changed my services and I'm not getting anywhere. I guess I'm looking for advice of how to get noticed and get work?

Things I have always hated about 9-5 day jobs:
Traffic. Specifically, Dallas-Fort Worth traffic.
Layoffs--five in the last ten years, with miserable temp jobs in between and unemployment periods up to 18 months.
Making a lousy living with my weakest skills.

Things I love about Elance:
My commute is 20 feet from my bed.
I can work as much as I'm willing and then some.
I'm making as much or more per hour than any job I've done in the last twenty years.
I'm making my living writing, which is what I've always wanted to do and what I do best.

Thanks you, Elance!

Sorry about the typo--meant to say "Thank you," not "Thanks you."

Very well said, Nenad! I was more inspired to do my best for my clients because of what you shared. I can also remember the first $80 that I earned from a fixed price research job. Now, I can't imagine that even having a 2-year old girl working with me everyday, I can have a salary which is more than double compare to what I was earning when I was working as an Education Assistant. So when my maternity leave expired 1 year ago. I didn't bother to go back to work in school because I was very contented with what I am now. A full-time mom, a full-time wife and a full-time Elance Freelancer. I can't ask anything more... Thank you so much to Elance.. :)

I agree with you when you said "Now you can grow your expertise and make a decent living from anywhere in the world. That's pretty powerful."

let's clear the mind to be an employee of your lifetime. open your eyes to the world. you think too many traditional growing the longer you achieve success. enjoy your work then success will come to yourself. no pain no paid

Thanks Elance.

Nice one Nenad,

I definately agree, my job was outsourced so I decided to do likewise - and I outsourced myself - I haven't looked back. Altho' I'm just starting out, I'm learning fast that you don't need to be afraid of the small jobs, they are often the most rewarding as they are the people who give you the appreciation for your hard work. They don't have big budgets, but often they have big HOPES and helping people achieve their goals is very rewarding. Your point No.3 "Learn every day and adapt" is very valuable indeed, this has been the most challeging, yet enjoyable part of the processes. Sometimes being thrown in the deep-end makes us great swimmers - if we start moving our arms & legs! ;-)

Thanks Elance!

I'm new to Elance. While not yet received any work. I will update the skills and want to make my career was successful.

Great article Nenad. I started here recently and am learning how Elance would work for me. But I agree about the freedom it brings. I need not go to a particular location everyday, waste my time travelling and still do the job I want to do. This has given me a great work life balance. Looking forward to more projects in business consulting!

Its really a nice post.

The point "Focus on one skill you are really good at (or you want to be good at)." is correct, but I've noticed that it sounds pretty difficult to stick with only one skill in "web programming". So, I was just thinking that perhaps in "web programming", we have to be perfect in many skills.

Thanks Elance!

Bravo Nenad!

Ti blagodaram za sovetite. Navistina prijatno se iznenadiv koga vidov deka makedonec uspeal na Elance. Jas ziveev vo Cikago 12 godini i se vrativ Makedonija poradi ljubovta. Slicna prikazna na tvojata.

Primi pozdravi od Ohrid,

How do I research the top freelancers in my category?

Thank you so much to share your personal experience.
many times when i am not getting work i just crash, then again i starts working hard and try do some thing better from the past it will help me to stand again.

Hi everyone ^_^

Just browsed all the posts, really they are inspiring. Thank you for sharing your experiences.
Its been a month since I started in Elance but I think most of the proposals I submitted the client / job become delisted.
Does anyone of you can give me a good advice on how to start in Elance. Looking forward to get a job here.

Regards to all.

Hi SimplyRichelle
I understand what you are saying about the delisted jobs. I've worked off and on through Elance since 2009. It's been up & down. In reference to the delisted jobs I understand completely what you're speaking about. A couple things that I do because for awhile that was happening to me as well. One of the first things I do when I see a job I might like is when I go to look at the full description if you'll look under the "Client info" there will be little green circles. When you point to these little green circles it tells you when the client started with Elance and how many jobs they've had and so forth. That's one way to see, and another way is just good ole common since. If it seems too good to be true it is usually. Elance is getting a lot better with catching these right up front. Elance also gives the connects back to us if we've bidded on a job and it then is delisted. I know it's a royal pain because we've took the time to bid and so forth. They didn't use to do this. One more way I check is go over to the right and click onto the Posted Date dropdown and click on the "Time Left (low)" if the job is still there for quite awhile then you know that it is legit. I have been scammed once working through Elance. It was my fault not theres. Just be careful and use our God Given Brain.
I wish you the best of luck through Elance. I hire off and on through Elance as well as be a contractor. If you want let me know what you do and next time something comes up and it's within what you do I will give you a try.

Bravo za tebe Nenad), se nadevam deka Elance ke bide vredna za razgleduvanje i za inzeneri kako sto e i za softverdzii, dizajneri i sl. i deka cenata nema da padne na nekolku centi za saat, kako so trgnalo ne e daleku).
So sreka pocetocive vo Elance.